How Stress Contribute to Cancer

Cancer, Inner Peace, Mind-Body Connection

If we do not learn to manage stress, it will be managing us one day.

My colleague Georgie was telling me about a true life account that she had read about a woman in America who got breast cancer:

When the lady was diagnosed with breast cancer, she refused all conventional treatments such as radiotherapy, surgery or chemo. Instead, she resigned from her stressful job and stay at home (fortunately, her husband could finally support her). She try an unconventional approach- removing stress in her life, making herself as happy as possible and do everything she can to strengthen her immune system through exercise and good eating habits.

She took time for her self, ventured in hobbies that she had wanted to do so long but never had the time such as flower arrangement and basically kept her mind and body as relaxed and as happy as possible. Every night, she will spend about a hour or two watching rented comedies and funny tapes with her husband. They will basically keep laughing and laughing.

After the 3months, the cancer completely went off. A miracle?

I am not suggesting that a cancer patient should not seek conventional treatment. But the real life account above is a good example of how a person’s state of mind can influence the body’s healing process and ability to overcome any serious illness. Therefore, even though a person is seeking conventional treatment, trying to maintain a positive outlook is very important.. Sometimes, the family members and friends need to be strong, and constantly try to cheer up and make the person happier. To really be there for someone who is suffering from cancer takes courage, patience and maturity.


There has been a strong link between stress and cancer, especially breast cancer. I have 2 female friends who had spent many years taking care of their husbands who were seriously ill. One have 3 young boys and another one, a young girl. Tragically, both of their husbands passed away last year.

The saddest thing of all, one of them started having growth and discharges from her breast. After she had operated, she was asked to come back to work as soon as possible. After one or two day of working, another wound formed and there were discharge. Then, it spread to another breast. It’s really sad because her boss was unsympathetic (not happy that she was on mc for so long).

Studies have shown a much higher risk for a person to develop cancer after suffering emotional trauma due to death of a loved one or other very sad events in the their lives. Therefore, seeking help to learn to deal with loss of a loved one or learning how to properly grieve and let go may help prevent rise of serious health problem to the living.

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