If you have lots of problems with your gum and teeth, could it be boundary issues?

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Do you find yourself constant down with the following recurring issues:

Healthy teeth and gums require good circulation (blood, chi movements) and a robust immune to fight against bacteria infection.

When your immune system is good, you can go to sleep without brushing your teeth after eating candies. But if your immune is not strong, eat sweet things for a few nights without brushing your teeth and you may end up with toothache the next day.

It may or may not apply to you. But from a mind-body connection of the possible emotional factor behind recurring gum problems, it could be due to issues with boundaries. This is because the mouth, with teeth and gums act as the boundary or filter and to decide what goes in and what does not.

Example, you may either let people intrude into your private space without being able to put them at arm’s length or say no to their unreasonable demands.

Or, you may say no defensively and outright reject their request. Later you feel guilty- then later you retract and tell the person that you’ll help the person out.

This implies deeper issues in setting up boundaries. When a person does not set clear boundaries in his or her life, the effect can be translated to our body as well. In other words, when your mind cannot filter between what should you accept and what you should decline (with a clear conscience instead of being ridden with guilt), there may be chaos at the first contact point where food, drinks, air enters into your body. It’s like there is lack of abilities to fight off intruders.

The negative effect that this has on you is- hefty dental bills and terror in facing the dentist and the fearful sounds of their drills.

My personal experience

I would like to share my own experience on this- it may or may not relate to your situation. I do hope you read with an open mind.

My previous company provided quite a substantial coverage in dental healthcare treatments. And yet, every year, I exceeded the amount covered while most of my former colleagues don’t spend that much on dental. And my regular dentist had treated me since I was a little girl and so due to sentimental reasons, he had always offered me discounts- he charged me cheaper than what he charge his other patients. Yet, I still exceed the claims.

After I left the company, I lose the coverage for good. But I was quite stressed up with the job- which of course by now, a large part of it I must admit was of my own doing.  I could have managed the deadlines, expectations better by imposing some boundaries and learning to manage my expectations of myself and of others.

When I saw another dentist last year, he had suspected I had perionditis- in which would be a long term thing to ‘manage’ (the condition cannot be cured- only can be managed). He said my gums were thinning out and the infections were not spreading through minute gaps left by the filling, but from the weakness left by my not so strong and resilient gums. At first, I thought the coverage from my current company would no where be enough to fund my dental treatments.

But along the line, I am learning to effective manage mainly my own expectations of my own self. I am clearer of what I want, and what I am prepared to do and not do. If I feel it should be done, I do it. If not, I say no. It is a constantly balancing act- as everyday you would face new situations and challenges.

The surprising thing I noticed is as I establish a clearer boundary (in order to know our boundaries, we need to first be very clear of what we want in life), my teeth and gums seems to get healthier. There is definitely less pain and discomfort. Together with chi kung practice- in which I visualize that good circulation and chi is running through my upper mouth palate and gums leaving no stale energy behind… it seems to work well hand in hand.

The fact is that I’ve prepared myself that I would need to be spending substantial amount in dental till the very end because I’ve gotten so much of problems with my teeth for so long. As I find more balance in life, my condition improved- which is a pleasant surprise.

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