Removing Gallstones Naturally with no surgery

Last Updated on April 3, 2022

The following method was taught to me by my friend Sukhada, who have learned this from his ayurvedic teacher. He himself constantly practice this gallbladder cleanse and have been teaching this to his students who were learning yoga from him. Those who have tried it have benefited from this.

If you’re used to unhealthy diet (which is likely the case as it may contribute to buildup of fatty liver and gallstones in the gallbladder duct), just make the ‘sacrifice’ and commitment to just stick to this cleanse for only 4 days. After that, you’re free to do what you want…

Sukhada’s removing gallbladder cleanse:

Removing gallstones naturally by Dr Lai Chui Nan using natural ingredients

1. Drink green apple juice for 3 days.

  • Everyday take about 3 to 5 glasses spread throughout the day.
  • The best is to buy green apples and juice them yourself.
  • Green apples contain a chemical that helps to soften the gallstones.  The compound is not in red apples.
  • Not advisable to drink packet green apple juice as there is too much sugar and processing may alter or destroy the nutrients found in the green apples.

You may eat as per normal but avoid food high in fat.- like fast or fried food. Preferable to take more bland and easily digested food. Oily and fatty food always interfere with any cleansing or detox in most healing systems. If you want it to work, you would need to avoid and minimize as much of the fried, fast food, butter, mayo, ice cream, peanut butter, cookies.

2. On the 4th day, drink the apple juice. Can have lunch but avoid oily food.

By 8pm, take 4 teaspoon of Epsom salt with lemon juice. The role of Epsom salt is to help with purging- so ensure you stay indoors on the night and the next day because you would need to run to the bathroom often. If you cannot take lemon juice, then you can substitute it with grapefruit. If you can’t take grapefruit, then orange juice (but grapefruit is the next best substitude after lemon).

Note: The epsom salt is going to taste horrible.

Prepare to sleep early. Finally by 10pm, mix 125ml of cold pressed virgin olive oil (preferably from organic shop) with 125ml of fresh lemon juice (can substitute lemon juice with grapefruit juice). Do not use the type of olive oil that is used for cooking as that is not effective. It must be the cold pressed virgin olive oil.

You can mix the olive oil and lemon juice in a shaker so that both mix well. Before you drink it, you need to be fully prepared for bed like switch off the lights or have visited the bathroom because you should not be up and about after you drink this.

The combination does not taste nice- so use a straw to sip it slowly to avoid throwing up (sometimes people who drink too fast ended up throwing up so sip slowly- tell yourself you have already gone this far so don’t give up last minute, okie).

Important: You must sip this STANDING UP. Not in other position like sitting down as it may not be effective. Wee Boon was told that if we stand up, the mixture goes straight to clear the gallbladder duct.

Right after finishing the mixture, you need to LIE DOWN STRAIGHT AWAY ON YOUR BED FOR 30 MINUTES WITHOUT MOVING. Lie down still and no turning left or right in 30 minutes.  Don’t even bother washing the container (that’s why it was mentioned that you must be prepared for bed right before you drink it). Only after 30 minutes you can move to your left or right.

The next morning when you get up early in the morning at 6am (or if you really cannot, then 7am) and drink another round of Epsom salt (you can reduce to 2 teaspoon) and lemon/grapefruit/orange juice. Why the timing is because the organ functions at its peak during that time and we want the cleanse to be most effective.

Now, you would need to prepare yourself to be visiting the bathroom because you’ll be having diarrhea. You may go a few rounds like 4 or 5 times. First few times is probably normal stool which would gradually become more liquid. Finally, you’ll pass out stones that is olive green (solidified chrolesterol). So, no going out and running errands on this day (you may want to time this day or a Saturday or Sunday where you need not work).

Remember, after you start eating, go gentle on the food. Avoid fast food, fried and oily food. Stick to light and food that are easy to digest such as porridge, steamed vegetables or steamed fish. This is to enable your stomach to recover. “Be good” just for a little while. The next day, you can slowly wean yourself back to your usual diet.

Sukhada’s students have benefited from this cleanse because at least it has helped them lose weight and feel lighter. This cleanse helps the body to detox naturally. For Sukhada, he is naturally very disciplined when it comes to detox- in fact, he usually ate only fruits and vegetables during that 4 days.

Important, if you are suffering from any health ailments like diabetes and high blood pressure, please consult your doctor prior to trying this method. According to Sukhada, he had a student with diabetes who had tried this method with success (that is, there was gallstones passed out and no adverse side effects). But still, I would advise that prior to trying out anything, do check first with your healthcare provider because everyone of us is different- one method that works for one may not work for the other.

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4 thoughts on “Removing Gallstones Naturally with no surgery”

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  2. sir,i have been diagnosed that i have .66cm gallstone…my friends advised me to try your gallstone flush…but im afraid coz the doctor said small stone might block your bile…is it true??can i try these method?i gave brth last dec 2010 cesarian…i dont want to have surgery again…pls….help waiting for your opinion…

    1. Dear Jhenmontero and Hardeep,
      This method was tried and tested by my friend and he said that it can work. In everything, there are risks involved. Even so with surgery- where they need to perform operation- it is even riskier. A lot of what we do really depends on our confidence and if we believe in it. This method requires some amount of food restraint and discipline. If done halfway, there is not effective- so you need to be disciplined in following in order to be effective. And each and every of our body is different.
      Do read the comments on an earlier post written
      it had worked for some of them. A reader also wrote about his experience:

  3. Dear Doctor,
    I have only one gallstone of 7mm(Detected 3 months back and on repetition of Ultra Sound on 13Th Sept,2011,its size is the same) .I don’t feel any serious problem right now but I am tensed after the stone detection. According to doctor it may move to the duct and block it therefore they advise me to get it removed before it gets worse. I’m not in favor of surgery. Luckily, today I saw an E-mail from my friend regarding your recommended treatment. Can I start with it?..Will it really work?
    The stone is now resting at one spot and the size is bigger than the duct opening. What is this Epsom salt(Magnesium Sulphate)?Where can i find this salt?..Is it not harmful for the High Blood Pressure patient?..
    I would appreciate your reply and advice.
    Thanks and regards.

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