No matter how stressed you are, there’s a way to work around it

Inner Peace

One thing I am grateful for my day job is that I constantly need to work out ways to handle the stress. Just when I thought that I am on top of something, a new level kind of stuff comes- and involves a different way of handling the situation.

In the past, I’ve thought that it was external factors that are causing the stress. Now, I am learning to take ownership- yes, there’s external factors that I cannot control- but there’s always one thing I can control….and that’s how I respond to it.

If we find that the stress in worklife and in life is too much to for us to bear, try to take a step back and reevaluate….perhaps maybe….

  • it’s because we take things too seriously?
  • we are putting a rope around our neck by being too much of a perfectionist?
  • that somewhere, we have not sort out our priorities- and so we find ourselves being swayed left and right easily by other people’s opinions and ideas
  • we need to organise and priortize
  • we should just learn to politely say “NO” when too much is on our plate
  • it’s time to delegate some tasks out

You may think that “hey, it’s easy for you to say….. wait till you are in my shoes!”.

That’s when I would like to share with you this YouTube video- you have probably seen it before- it’s a group of US Marines that are based on Afghanistan doing a remake of Britney Spear’s Hold It Against Me video. You’ll see a group of brave young men and women- facing life threatening dangers every day….and they find a way to destress by coming together and putting up this unforgetable performance:

To watch the video directly from YouTube, go to

Have a great weekend.

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