Body Pain may be due to Chronic Sinus

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Reuters published an article “Body Pain may be due to Sinus Trouble” with the title above dated 22 September 08 linking the connection between ongoing sinus inflammation in relation to body pains. It is said that especially on older adults, conditions may be diagnosed as arthritis, depression, fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome- is relieved once the patients undergo the sinus surgery.

Endoscopic sinus surgery is being recommended. Refer to ehealthMD for a better description about endoscopic sinus surgery whereby the possible advantages & complications are explained in brief.

Even though the study gives a ray of hope to those who are suffering from sinus AND body pains, I would not think it is a good idea to jump straight into the surgery because:

1. Effectiveness of sinus surgery in permanently curing sinus

2. Sinus happens when there is an allergic reaction- is our body’s way of warning us

Effectiveness of sinus surgery in permanently curing sinus

sinusSome people who have undergone sinus surgery still find that their sinus problem is not cured. If you do research on the internet from non commercial sites with such information, you will realise that sinus operation does not gurantee permanent cure of sinus. The study did not mention that if the sinus operation was ineffective, would the bodily pains get cured or not.

An ex-colleague of mine had undergone sinus operation. 10 years after the operation, her sinus conditions came back.

Sinus happens when there is an allergic reaction- is our body’s way of warning us

Just like flu and fever are our body’s way of telling us that there have been a virus infection, so is sinus. The most common way of dealing with flu/fever is to take antibiotics. It is now known that prescribing too much of antibiotics is no good for long term health. You can read more at the articles below:

As such, if we opt for operation to ‘get rid’ of sinus, we may not be addressing the real cause of the problem. Sinus problem could be due to element imbalance (such as taking too much of ice drinks), allergens (like dust mites or frangrances) or taking food that triggers an allergic reaction in your body. If you don’t believe me, you may want to note if taking certain particular kind of food makes you more prone to sinus attacks.

I get bad sinus days if I do the following (you may also want to check if it is applicable to you):

  • overdose on caffeine, especially the latte from Starbucks (my favourite)
  • cleaning the house and inhaling dust
  • skip too many cardio sessions (sluggish circulation)
  • don’t drink enough of water
  • drink too much of cold water
  • take instant noodles
  • eat too much of processed food and ignore my veges and fruits
  • undergoing too much of stress- stress really have a way of supressing the immune system

As such, when I sneeze non stop and had running nose, I will examine what I did wrong. Normally I will do ‘recovery’ action such as:

  • immediately perform a simple acupressure technique- it works for me.
  • drink much more warm water
  • take 2 oranges
  • exercise that gets heart rate up and circulation moving- running, yoga (repeated sun salutations can really get your heart rate up), dancing. Then followed by stretching
  • learn to relax and sit for short meditation

I will be sharing the acupressure technique in my next post. Honestly, the technique works for me and I find I am saving much more on tissues. But I also had to make sure I do the other steps.

If my body’s is trying to tell me something, I would rather not take anything to mask it, unless I am travelling and had no choice. Else, I normally identify the triggers and take immediate action. I hope you would too.

Because you will be amazed that when you get more active physically, a lot of aches and joint pains are reduced. If you don’t know how, go to the nearest pharmacy or fitness store and invest on a pedometer. Then target to walk 5000, then 10000 steps a day- the pedometer will record the number of steps you take per day.

Still, if you have been suffering chronic sinusitis, I would still recommend that you go for a medical checkup- to rule out possible dangers like NPC (nose cancer) or growth at the sinus cavity.

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