The Fat Flush Fitness Plan

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I am quite amazed at the Fat Flush Fitness plan book that I am currently reading. Several pointers mentioned in the book:


1. Liver detox is crucial to losing unwanted weight.

  • squeeze some lemon into a glass of warm water and drink it first thing in the morning. Helps cleanse the liver.
  • certain medication such as birth control pills stresses the liver.
  • tobacco and caffeine are also bad for liver. Hmm, I don’t smoke but caffeine- relunctant to give up.

2. Stimulate your lymphatic system to make sure the circulation is good

  • lymphatic system is our body’s drainage system. Unlike our blood circulation where we have the heart pumping the blood around, lymphatic fluids depends on our movements to circulate the fluids.
  • lack of exercise results the fluids stay stagnant and result in water/fluid retention – does not sound too good for the body.
  • The book recommends the use of a rebounder but I personally feel doing the cane exercise is good (cane exercise is basically taking a stick and beating yourself up- hee hee, of course there is a systematic way of doing it).
  • To think of toxic gathering at the lymphatic nodes is a scary thing- it can cause all kinds of illness such as cancer in the long run.

3. Lack of sleep and over-stress also can make you gain weight.

  • this is new to me. But the book explained that with these conditions places our body in conservation or survival mode- and in that mode, we tend to convert available food straight into fat.
  • so depriving ourselves of sufficient sleep is not a good thing

4. Resistance/ weight training is important.

  • if you only do cardio (like I did for one year), you can hardly gain any muscle and find yourself not losing weight. Combined with weight training, it helps to built muscles that burn calories even though you are at rest. So this is a sound advise to me.
  • with increased muscle strength, you can do cardio more effectively and end up burning more calories.

Of course, the book talks on a few stages as it is meant for beginners. I just took the useful learning and adapt it to my current lifestyle.

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