Why do I get a rash on my ring finger? Possible Health and Emotional reasons


I often hear folks asking why do they get rashes (sometimes itchy, sometimes not) on the finger where they are wearing their ring, mostly the wedding ring.

There are a few possible causes to the rash appearing on that finger that is wearing the ring.

1.Allergic to the materials of ring

If you have just been wearing the ring and suddenly started developing rashes, most probably you may be allergic to the metal used in making the ring. The most common rings are made of gold and platinum. However, rings especially gold rings are never 100% gold. I still remember learning in science class that pure gold is very soft and easily bendable hence they have to mix with some other metals to make the ring hard.

If you are allergy to the metal used, it may explain the rash. I know for a fact that my skin is very sensitive to metals hence my ears and neck would itchy terribly if I wore metal custom jewelry.  The only earings, rings and necklaces I could wear would have to be made of gold. Sometimes I would wear Denni earrings which are non allergic to my ears.

2. The ring needs cleaning

A ring may easily gather debris, dirt or bacteria especially if we do not have the habit of cleaning out our rings. Sometimes we tend to wash our hands without removing the ring (it is not a bad practice especially for forgetful folks to avoid leaving the ring in the basin of a public lavatory).

Sometimes removing it for a while and letting the skin breathe while we get the ring washed and dried may help.

And finally if you just cannot find a proper explanation and doctors also ruled out any dermatology skin issues…. then I have one more possibility… from mind body perspective….

3. Relationship with what the ring represents

Suppose a person wears a wedding wing and her own ring but only the wedding band causes the deep itch, rashes or even pain. And the itch did not happen immediately but only few years after wearing the ring….so one can rule out allergy to the metal. The person gives her own ring and her wedding ring the same amount of cleaning.

So why did the finger of the wedding ring only seemed to give problem?

Sudden unexplained itch on the wedding ring finger- the seven ear itch?

Sorry to say, symbolically, are you itching to take the ring off? Is it because it is a period of uncertainty in the marriage and you may have also fallen out of love with your spouse? Possibly you have fallen in love (or in lust) with someone outside your marriage and you have been tempted to stray?

The wedding ring represents the holy matrimony of marriage and it is a representation of the vows you have taken. It is also telling the whole world that you are ‘off the market’.

While it is out of the scope of this article to discuss on extramarital affairs, I would still wish to caution the hurt we could bring to our loved ones especially the children if we give in to our emotions.

Unexplained rash

How about a rash that is not itchy? It could represent the period in the marriage where there are challenges and uncertainties. Maybe the couple is moving towards a new phrase that causes a lot of uncertainties with one party. Perhaps there are some communication issues that both parties need to work out.

If the finger is painful without any notable injury, it may point to anger, resentment or the marriage had became literally painful to bear.


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