Rawatan Resdung- Treatment for sinus, allergies and pimples

Last Updated on October 9, 2020

I was sneezing profusely one day at office when a Malay colleague of mine advised me to try out ‘rawatan resdung’ or traditional Malay treatment for sinus as well as for other related conditions like allergies, pimples and even dandruff.

Often if we suffer from sinus, doctors would prescribe medicine like Piriton, Polaramine and Claritin.  Most of these medication have anti histamine function in them.

Traditional Malay treatment would treat sinus in a traditional way. It is believed that sinus, headaches, pimples and skin conditions occurs because of worms residing in these canals. These little minute things causes irritation and buildup of mucus and pus through our canals and under our skin. Through methods of burning smoke of beewax or other strong smelling spice or even using cockcoach’s stomachs to make these worms come out.

For the ‘smoking’ method- one end would be litted while the other end where the smoke comes out would be placed near the face and sometimes even ears. The smell is very strong and as it travel through the nose canal, it can be a bit hard to bear. But afterwhich, there would be white dust that gathers around the face.

When the person takes the dust to burn it by the fire- there would be red stains which the person mentioned is because it is due to blood stains of  ‘ulat dan binatang kecil’ or worms.

I did ask my friend about my concern that why sometimes those administering the treatments would read some kind of mantra- and I was told that it is required for the healer to protect themselves- from inheriting the problems from their clients (it is true and many healers who failed to take this precaution eventually run into problems).

There are those who said that this method is quack and it’s only out to cheat people. After all, it’s hard to believe that worms can reside in our sinus canal. Furthermore, it cannot be proven by science.

No doubt, in every genuine method of treatment, there are those who are out to cheat others by using dubious ingredients.

It is however, up you to believe whether true or not. If you try it and it works, why not?

My friend said that he used to have sinus when he was younger until he went to get this ‘rawatan resdung’ where the person used wrapped beeswax and burn one end with fire and the other is pointed to lightly smoke the face. Now he seldom got sinus (which is true because I don’t remember ever hear him sneezing). He also said that his elder brother used to have those huge acne or pimples coupled with sinus. After 3 treatments, his brother seldom had running nose and his face had became smoother- at least those huge pimples are gone.

Below is a YouTube video that I managed to find that shows about how the treatment is done- this is done in a house like how it would in the olden days. You can see how the strong smell is for the girl’s nose and she was asked to sniff and then breath out- :

Someone tried to ask for the address of the place, and the person mentioned that it is a house located Masjid Kuala Muda Penaga Seberang Prai Utara in Penang (Malaysia).

Therefore, I decide to write more about this here for you to be aware of this traditional Malay treatment. I asked my friend where to find such places and he said that it is offered at spas or Malay traditional treatment centers. Sometimes in night markets you can also see people selling these ‘rokok resdung’ where you can use at home. But for those who are not familiar, it is better to visit the traditional treatment centers.

Some may want to consider sinus operation- but I remember a friend of mine who was so sick of getting sinus that she went for a sinus operation because she did not want to take medication often. According to the doctors, it was said that the structure of her nose causes her nasal passage to be easily blocked. But about few years after the operation, her sinus came back.

When I was in the plane, there was a guy seated at the back of me who had sinus- and he seemed to relish in blowing his nose in a certain way. Too me, it is not healthy- and even worrying. Perhaps because nose cancer in my family is quite strong from my mother’s side of the family: my mom’s 3rd system and two male cousins died from NPC. That is why I do not take it as a light matter.

For Chinese, we believe that sinus occurs due to element imbalance in the body that causes qi blockages or stagnation. Once we balance back the elements, the blockages would be clear. Even if there is indeed worms residing in the canals, they would not survive as qi would bring circulation and oxygen to the area. For myself, I find that practicing wai tan kung, a qi/chi enhancing exercise to be very beneficial to my sinus. Usually I don’t get sinus on the day of my practice (but if I skip my practice, then I may get).

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