Why inactivity make a person more prone to illness

Last Updated on July 29, 2021

In the era of sedentary lifestyle and convenience, most of us do not move much anymore. Why climb the stairs when you can use the elevator? Why walk under the sun when you can drive your car? Why have a medium sized meal when with about extra RM1.50, you can have a McValue meal with large fries and carbonated drinks?

I am quite impressed when I see foreigners who are posted here to work- they seemed to enjoy walking a lot. You would see these guys, clad in their business clothes and all, walking to the train station and bus stop with their backpack. If they stay about half and hour’s walk from their gym, they would prefer to walk back than to take the car. Whereas, sometimes the locals want to park their car closest to the shopping mall entrance and double park (ie blocking someone else’s space) so that they can go down directly in front of the bank to do their banking. Usually, there are carpark complex that you can get a parking- but you just need to walk a little further- at least, you would not risk getting a summon ticket or an angry stare from a motorist who parked at the rightful lot, only to be unable to move the car because your car have blocked the way.

We may want the most convenience and least exertion. But unknowingly to us, these constant shortcuts results in laziness and sluggishness that is detrimental for our health.

Why exercising boost the immune system

You may recall learning from your Biology class that our immune system consist of the lymphatic system where the white blood cells are. The circulation system is completely different from the blood circulation system. For blood movement, the heart actually pumps and pushes blood all over the body. But there is no ‘heart’ helping the lymphatic system to circulate and move its fluid.

The only way your lymphatic system gets regulated and properly moving is when you physically move around. If not, nodes get stuck and block here and there. When things are stuck and stagnant, your system is not able to function properly. For instance, in the armpits- if you ever get a professional massager to help you massage your armpit area, you would probably scream in pain. The more sedentary your lifestyle is, the more pain you may tend to experience when you are being given proper massage to increase your overall circulation.

The problem is further compounded with the fact that the heart actually needs exercise to help it get stronger- so that with a single pump, blood reaches to far more places. Without exercise, coupled with eating fast food and sweet food, the body feels very sluggish- the flow of nutrients to the body from the digestive system, oxygen to the working muscles and removal of toxins out of body gets disrupted because there’re blocks here and there.

This increases the occurrence of ailments such as:

  • Sinus and headaches
  • Sluggishness, especially after meal time
  • Body pain like knee or lower back pain
  • Allergies
  • Harder to get well when sick or down with flu, fever or cough
  • Digestive disorders- gastric, acid reflux
  • Lack of energy- feeling often tired, sleepy, lazy, sluggish and de-motivated

It is only through adequate exercise and intake of nutritious food that our body is able to work properly. We really have to help our body to help us. Our body needs to move, to exercise and nourished with proper food and care—- essentially, our body is all we carry with us all the time.

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