Exercise as a Social Event

Exercising, Staying Motivated

picture site - Exercise as a Social EventMy colleague is planning to start another exercise program for our department. He sent an invitation asking everyone in our department to meet every Wednesday after work to exericse together in a nearby park. He used to be an avid gym goer but stopped because of work commitment (work very late hours and he had other commitments, so the gym membership had to go). Still, he always loved to exercise.

Previously, he had organised this activity but because it was nearing rainy season, slowly the number of people who came was reduced and eventually, the activity was discontinued. But in order to support folks in my unit to exercise, I will try to join him and our other friends on Thursday coz I can’t make it on Wednesdays. Last time I used to loathe jogging but now, I’ve love to jog and run because of the adneraline high. So it will be nice to jog in a windy park rather than an air-con gym room.


Exercising is a good social program- everyone, regardless of fitness level, can learn to work out together. For those who cannot walk, they can always walk the rounds. True, relaxing at pubs or having dinner on Friday nights are fun, but it will benefit everyone if about once a week, an exercise activity is organised. Suggestions:



  • scating (some shopping complexes have a scating ring)
  • bowling
  • hiking at forested trail (we have FRIM in Kepong, Selangor)
  • swimming at public pool
  • paintball
  • go-kart
  • rent a court and play badminton, futsall, squash
  • cycling together

This can be followed by the usual: breakfast/lunch/dinner, shopping, movies or karaoke. Exercising can often be made much more fun when you have friends with you.


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