Recurring sore throat that does not go off with medication

woman sorethroat 300x169 - Recurring sore throat that does not go off with medication

If you are down with sore throat that does not seemed to go off with medication, it could be a sign that someone’s annoying you. Sounds illogical? Well, read on and see if it applies to you….if it does, get your problem solved and your sore throat may just say bye bye without further meds… [...]

Snake Grass Herb Cures Sore Throat

snakegrass1 300x224 - Snake Grass Herb Cures Sore Throat

The Chinese herb called ‘Snake grass’  is very effective in curing sore throat.  It works better than antibiotics or sore throat lozenges sold in the market. Here’s how the plant looks like: The leaf above are bigger than usual because we water the plants with lots of natural fertilizers taken from kitchen waste such as leftover [...]

Too much of Mandarin Oranges give Sore or Itchy Throat

Mandarin oranges

Usually Mandarin oranges or “kam” are available during this Chinese New Year session- during other times of the year, only the smaller versions are sold. For the Chinese, “kam” has the same pronounciation as gold in Cantonese. As such, the mandarin oranges will be placed all over the home and exchanged between the guest and [...]

Why do I produce very slimy, thick mucus whenever I drink stuff like juice?

Why do I produce slimy mucus when I drink stuff like juice

Whenever I drink juices like apple or orange, I produce this very slimy mucus that’s very, very thick in my throat. Sometimes it can be bothersome because I can feel it stuck in my throat and sometimes it gets stuck and chokes me up a bit. Is this normal? At the Yahoo Answers forum, someone [...]