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Last Updated on January 8, 2023

The Chinese herb called ‘Snake grass’  is very effective in curing sore throat.  It works better than antibiotics or sore throat lozenges sold in the market. Here’s how the plant looks like:

snakegrass1 - Snake Grass Herb Cures Sore Throat

The leaf above are bigger than usual because we water the plants with lots of natural fertilizers taken from kitchen waste such as leftover Chinese tea leaf, fruits and vegetable peels, dog poo, etc.

Instructions to use the grass:

1. Pluck a few pieces of the leaf and put on a cup of boiling water:

snakegrass3 - Snake Grass Herb Cures Sore Throat

2. Drink it warm- but wait for it to cool down a bit so that it does not burn your mouth.

Alternatively, the leaf can be plucked, put in a plastic or container and kept in the freezer. When required, just defrost the leaf and put it in a cup of boiling water.

Warning: The snake grass is very very bitter- it tastes like paracetemol mixed in water. But it really works. And the bitterness stays in your mouth long after you drink the water. Just 2 or 3 leafs are enough.  If you find it hard to bear, prepare a sour plum or sweet that you can take immediately after drinking the concunction.

Each time I feel that I am coming down with sore throat- sometimes from eating fried stuff straight from the wok or oven or drinking too much coffee, I would take the drink. I really dislike its horrible bitter taste but I would rather down the bitter stuff that to endure days of sore throat.

2023 01 13 snakegrass 200x300 - Snake Grass Herb Cures Sore Throat

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  • Nancy Jul 5, 2011 Link Reply

    Can you tell me where I can get Snake grass in the US?

    • Yin Jul 7, 2011 Link Reply

      Dear Nancy, I am sorry, I am not sure. You can try checking with shops selling traditional Chinese medicine, probably in Chinatown. Snake grass are now processed as prepacked drinks by some companies. They would likely not be as effective as the real thing though.

  • chloe Apr 30, 2013 Link Reply

    Where can I find the real plant in Singapore?

    • Yin Apr 30, 2013 Link Reply

      Hi Chloe…in Singapore I am not sure but I think the traditional Chinese medicine shop may sell the dry version.

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