The Effect of Coffee on Our Liver (from holistic perspective)

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Even though there are as many studies that claim coffee is good for health, the deeper effects of coffee on our health are often not known. Just like we know that cigarrettes are not good for our lungs, many people sort of instinctively know that coffee may not be good for health as some claim or as they would like it to be. Herein, I want to offer some insight into the effects of coffee from the aspect of chi regulation in the Chinese healing systems.

Coffee, even decaffeinated ones is known to be one of the most disruptive substance affecting the smooth flow of liver chi. It is said that it would be tough to correct any liver imbalances if a person is a frequent coffee drinker. Coffee also heats the liver and greatly amplify a person’s emotional temperament.

However, a caffeine addict would suffer withdrawal symptoms when they do not take coffee. At first, try using green tea that is cooling in nature to replace coffee for caffeine dose. Then slowly reduce the amount and eventually eliminate it all together.

In Chinese healing systems, the liver affects the following functions in the body:

  • Storage area for blood when not being used for physical activity
  • Associated with menstrual cycle- a disrupted menstrual cycle is an indication of an imbalance liver chi.
  • Liver would spread chi throughout the body- when it is disrupted, the effects can be felt through other organs like lungs, stomach and spleen causing seemingly unrelated problems like indigestion or irritable bowel syndrome.
  • Affects emotional flow of a person- if imbalance, causes feelings of frustration or anger. Also, if a person has an angry temperament, it can also cause the chi in the liver to be imbalanced.
  • As the livers opens into the eyes, a Chinese physician may treat eye ailments by balancing the chi in the liver.

Signs that the liver is out of balance:

  • Emotional problems
  • Digestive disorders and discomforts
  • Pain around the rib area
  • Cramping and tendon problems
  • Menstrual cycle disruption- irregular, too much or too little flow.

Therefore, if you felt that there are some unexplained effects from drinking coffee, perhaps it will be a good time to consider quitting or at least cutting down your daily doses by either reducing the number of times you take or the size of the drink. Your sixth sense sometimes knows best- better than any research or findings in the world. If you experience muscle stiffness, pain in joints or aggravated anger or negative emotions after having your usual cuppa, then it just could be the coffee.

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