Is taking raw food good for our body or fight cancer?

Last Updated on August 5, 2017

There are some studies that mentioned that for people fighting cancer, it is better to take raw food because the nutrients would be absorbed by our body more easily and can be used to fight the cancer cells.

Even though studies may deduce results based on logical rationalization, one cannot ignore the wisdom of Eastern healing that have existing for thousands of years. Anything taken in moderation is okay but brought to the extreme, may result in element or energy imbalance in the body.

Raw food like salad has a ‘cooling’ effect on the body. When the body is too cooling, it causes imbalance in the internal organs such as the spleen and liver that controls the ‘chi’ that governs blood flow in the body. This may not make sense to you but do you notice that your hands, limbs and feet gets numb when you take too much of iced drinks, tea and raw food?

Taking a little iced drink during a warm hot day is okay because on a hot day, the heat can also influence the element composition in our body, causing it to be more heaty. But on cooling or windy days, taking cold drinks or raw food are not good.

Chinese physicians would say that too much of raw food causes bad circulation – and the result of that, the smooth flow of blood may be stuck. You may find that even though with lots of stretching and exercise, it may bring only a short time relieve but the numbness returns after a while. When that happens, you have to closely examine the food that you are taking.

In Malay healing system, traditional massage is often used to improve the circulation of the body. The massage given by them is very different- they trace the meridian flow and when arrived at blocked channels, they will massage to smooth these channels. When they are doing that, it feels very painful- sometimes it is referred to ‘urat terbelit’ (entangled- more like your yarn getting entangled). Usually for women who suffer from circulation problems, it gets painful when the massage is applied around the armpits, breasts, womb, inner thighs and areas around the knees. Therefore, it is no coincidence that growths and cysts at the breast and womb are common- because as these channels become stuck and energy gets stagnant, eventually they lump up together in a growth.

Some may turn to traditional treatment to treat these growths when they have turned cancerous. Again, it is a personal choice- as there is no right or wrong method. Often, if one wants to turn to traditional healing method, one has to overhaul the entire lifestyle, changing eating habits, learning to reduce stress and constantly following treatment required. Most people may follow diligently for a while but once they get better, they may go back to their old ways- smoking, drinking, not boiling the medicine to take, more stress to try to earn more money. And it problem returns very easily then.

Holistic healing usually emphasizes prevention- meaning to maintain a healthy and disciplined lifestyle so that the immune system is strong and it can ward off major illnesses. Once a growth that originally is due to an element imbalance eventually turn cancerous, sometimes the more aggressive treatment in conventional medicine would be effective in controlling the spread. But afterwhich, change in lifestyle and maintaining proper mental and emotional wellbeing is essential.

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