When your breath smells foul in the morning

Last Updated on March 17, 2021

Our breath and mouth tends to smell foul in the morning the moment when we wake up.

Even if we brush our teeth or use a mouthwash, the bad breath may come back after the effects of the toothpaste and mouthwash wears off.

There is a simple remedy in removing bad breath right after we wake up. Understand that the smell emits from indigestion- so here’s what we can do:

Do this BEFORE you brush your teeth:

1. Drink half a cup of warm water. No cold or iced water please as it would make your digestive system worse.

2. Eat an orange or two. Or have some grapefruit. It works wonders in removing the bad odors that emits from the sludge of half or not properly digested food. Immediately we would feel better.

3. Follow up with half or one glass of warm water. Wait for about half an hour or at least 15 minutes before you take your breakfast.

Try this and you would be amazed that some of the chronic stomach discomfort that used to plague you may just go off by itself. The worst our breath is, or if we feel a thick coat of slime or white stuff forms on our tongue, the more we should do this first thing in the morning.

A friend of mine used to have terrible gastric pains and by doing this (as recommended by her doctor), she did not have the pains anymore.

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