How to motivate yourself to drink more water

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Most people are just chronically dehydrated. In case you do not know, tea, coffee and Coke dehydrates your body. The best is good old plain water.


You probably know that you do not drink enough of water. Most of the time, you would be so engrossed in work that you will delay that trip to the pantry to get more water. Heck, sometimes you even hold your bladder just to finish typing that memo.


And in the subconscious of some folks:

More fluid intake= more trips to the loo

Less fluid intake= less trip to the loo.


So they sort of avoid drinking water- or drink only when they are really thirsty.


But my dear friend, if you spend almost 8 hours hunched in front of your PC/laptop, it is detrimental to your posture and the inactivity is, in the long run, detrimental for your health. This is especially so if you distress at the end of the day by winding down in front of the TV, sitting on your favourite sofa.


So do yourself a favor, get up and stretch a little. Then drink more water and walk to the washroom to clear your bladder. Take deep breaths (not in the loo but on your way walking there) and use the short to the loo as some minutes off to unwind.


And, please get yourself a bigger water container. Fill it up beginning of the day and target how many times you want to go for refills. You will be surprised that if you just drink your water from a cup or an unappetizing recycled plastic mineral water bottle, you will be surprised that it will deter you from drinking. Furthermore, the water from your recycled plastic mineral water bottle may taste funny- sometimes they look a bit greenish so it will deter you from drinking.



My water bottle-plain but highly functional


Go to a department store and look around for an attractive water container (of at least 1 litre in size) that comes in your favorite designs and colours. Make a one time investment in a good water container- the attractive design somehow would hopefully be able to influence and motivate you to drink from it.


This has really worked for me. Recently I found myself to be drinking only a little water- so I took a 1-litre Tupperware water container and put on my desk. And because the tumbler is handy and within sight, I find myself reaching out to take some gulps. Sometimes, you may think that you wanted to take some coffee or tea or other caloric beverages- but after you drink some water, the urge may just go off.


So, invest in a good water bottle today- buy one in your favourite colour and design and put in on your working desk and another in front of the TV or anywhere that you spent a lot of time at.

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