Locating missing persons or children by consulting spiritual masters

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Usually if a child disappears and the search appear in national television, there would be psychics who would contact the news station claiming that they could find these missing persons. Usually details and clues provided are vague and unclear. Unfortunately, the chances of finding missing children through this method is usually slim because somehow, the vision or energy leading to the missing child is often blocked.

It is truly tragic when a beloved child or a loved one suddenly goes missing without any news. The late Master Lu Jun Hong who was well known in healing illnesses that doctors could not could not cure had stated that he would not comment on missing person’s case even though he usually knew what had happened to the person.

I believe there are certain things that religious spiritual masters can tell and certain things that they cannot.

Below are a few case studies related to missing persons in videos I come across from those who consult with Master Lu:

Case 1: Missing girl (start 1.26 min)

The 2 ladies below were asking Master Lu on various questions about their health, life, etc. At 1.26 min into the video, the lady asked Master Lu about her niece, born in 1987 who had gone missing for 15 years and could not be found. He would said approximately but would not directly tell information. After asking for the missing girl’s name, he was able to describe how she looked like. He just commented that it was hard to find her (but did not state if they would find her alive or death).

He advised to chant “Little Houses” which is a combination of established Buddhist scriptures in order to make it easier to find her. But he said something very cryptic. He said, if it was the lady’s daughter, he said he can ask her to come to her dream to let her see. But he said since her sister did not believe in Buddhism, he could not help.

I think when he said to ask the missing girl to appear in the dream, we would kinda get the idea that likely the girl would no longer be alive. The lady requested if the niece can come to her dream and he said, okay after 2 months time.

Case 2: Missing girl for more than a year

The video below is in Mandarin with no English translation. The video is over an hour long and consisted of a number of people who came to have their totem read. At 3.20 min, the second person, a lady asked a question about her cousin’s daughter (born in 1992) who was missing for over a year with no news.

He said he would usually provide advice on health or if the person have spiritual disturbance. He said even though he knew, he could not tell.

His advice is to ask the lady’s cousin sister to do life liberation on behalf of the daughter. The lady asked would it help if they do chanting and transference of merits to help locate the missing person? What Master Lu said next was cryptic again.

He said that upon doing all this, he can request the missing girl to appear in the dream of the mother to tell her mother more. Master Lu also stated that from studying the totem, he said there was once the mother had already dreamt of the missing daughter. The lady confirmed yes, the mother had dreamt of the daughter once.

He advised the way to help the missing girl is to chant “Little Houses” 69 times and chant 10k times  the Amitabha Pure Land Rebirth Mantra (Wang Sheng Jing Tu Shen Zhou). From watching his other videos, the 69 times and the Wang Sheng Zhou chants are meant for deceased persons hence it is quite obvious that unfortunately the girl is likely no longer alive. He said in the end, he cannot comment further but he can request the ‘missing girl’ to appear in her mother’s dream to tell her mother her whereabouts.

It is hard to get closure if our loved one gets missing without a trace. I believe the best way we can help them, whether they are living or otherwise, is to do spiritual practice and transfer merits to them. If they are no longer alive, they would be able to receive the merits we offer. Usually if we dream of them in dark and depressing places, sadly it is likely they are no longer alive and it would be best for us to help them transcend from that state of existence.

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