Do not bathe the dog that is on an empty stomach

Last Updated on November 28, 2022

My mother is very particular to bathe the dog only when:

  • the dog has been fed
  • the weather is not and not raining

This came from my mom’s personal experience whereby she lost 2 dogs to chill when she bathe them without feeding them first, and then after that it rained.

The first dog was called Doby, a dog my mom had before she got married. My mom said Doby was really a good dog. One day as she came back on a short holiday from outstation (my mom spent 7 years working in other states as part of the compulsory posting), she bathed Doby. It then rained later in the afternoon and later, Doby feel sick and passed away.

Actually my mom did not figure this out until it happened for the second time with Lucky.

The second dog, called Lucky was around from the time I was born till I was about 5 years old. Lucky was a good watch dog, constantly scaring cats and catching rats. He also slept outside my mom’s room each night. Somehow, he never really like my dad. But he was quite unfriendly and was a one master dog who only listened to my mom and no one else.

One day, my mom bathed Lucky, and then it rained and Lucky caught a chill and died not long later. He was about 7 years old when he passed away. My mom really regretted this and felt very sad.

Those were decades ago in which during that time it was not common for people to bring sick pets to the vet.

After my mom connected these two incidents, she became very particular when it comes to bathing our pets. She would never allow me to bathe our pets if the weather even give any slightest hint of being gloomy and before I have given them a full meal.

I would also dry off my dogs with a towel and if the weather suddenly change to being gloomy, then I would use the hairdryer to dry them up.

Of course, many dogs do get caught in the rain and get themselves all wet but they do not get sick. The dogs voluntarily getting themselves wet and we bathing them may be a different thing.

If we love our pets, we would should try our best rule out preventable factors that may cause our beloved pets to fall sick.


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