Daily breast self check in the shower to detect any abnormality

Last Updated on November 28, 2022

Below is an infographic published in The Star paper on Christmas eve of 2017. Thought that this information would be very useful for all of us for early detection of possible breast cancer.

Self Breast examination in the shower

Here are three simple steps:

Step 1: Lift
Step 2: Glide
Step 3: Feel

Daily breast self-check in the shower helps you to detect early warning signs of breast abnormality. Seek immediate medical consultation if you detect any unusual signs.

Signs to look out for:

1. Indent or hollow
2. Unusual oozing fluid
3. Hollow marks
4. Thick, dense area
5. Skin discolouration
6. Nipple retraction
7. Unusual lump
8. Developing vein
9. Sores or blisters
10. Redness, inflammation
11. Swelling
12. Change in shape/ size.

Consult a doctor immediately once you notice the signs above.

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