Change your perspective of viewing things to be much happier

Last Updated on June 16, 2021

If you are feeling happy, the world would be beautiful and rosy. Looking around, things appear to you with much more optimism.

On the other hand, when we are feeling down, we failed to see the beauty in things. Our problems blocked our entire view- like they say in a Thai saying, the strand of hair blocks the entire mountain (เส้นผมบังภูเขา). Because of a certain issue or a certain heartbreak, our entire view of the world becomes sad, gloomy and cynical.


The same picture could look different for two people. The same issue could be viewed differently by two as well. In life, we can best plan, but often things do turn out very differently from what we wish. If we keep sticking to our guns and not bulging, and get overwhelmed by anger, sadness and depression, it is only us- we feel it. But others are happy and rejoicing.

Therefore, the choice is up to us…for many people are making themselves unnecessarily sad, angry, guilty, depressed over things that have gone and that they cannot change. When that happens, they lose sight of the beauty of the present….of those who are there to care for them, of the good things that still exist in the world.

And as time pass and they realized they have made a mistake, more remorse sets in. It becomes a perpetual cycle that never ends.

When feeling sad, don’t hide at home or sleep in the bed- you may do so for a few days but after that, commit to drag yourself up to get yourself to do something. Clean up little things, clear a small corner in the garden, go out to do volunteer work-  activities that gets the body moving and that can bring small little victories feels good and can uplift the mind.

Whatever it is, get up and do something. I remember reading a book by a compassionate qualified therapist- she mentioned that when we are feeling down, we tend to want to sleep. We do not feel as though we would have mood to do anything or see anyone. But lying in bed, just like getting drunk, would make us feel worse later.

Get up from the bed, get little things done- and she mentioned to ‘float’ above the problem. Don’t dwell on it. Sooner or later, we would start to feel better.

Our moods and feelings can be triggered or made worse by a mixture of factors such as the stress, chemicals round in food, element (qi) imbalances and hormonal change. With inactivity, these negative energies circulate within and inside our organs, making us feel even more terrible.

With movement and activities, hopefully things would slowly regularize itself.  We need not have interest in what we are doing- but to have the mind ‘going through the motions’ instead of dwelling on the issue or focus on the emotion.

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