More Chinese medicine books are being translated

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When I visited Popular bookstore, I was happy to see that more books on Chinese medicine, qi imbalances and cures are being translated into English.



The books are:

  •  “An Illustrated Guide to Chinese Medicine by Xu Yi Bing”- the book has drawn pictures that explains in simple terms about where Chinese healing methods draw its principals from. It mentioned about the elements and how it affects our body, and then pictorial guide on the various meridian channels and causes for common health ailments. And the book only cost about RM30 plus.
  •  Chinese Herbal Legends- 50 Stories on Extraordinary Chinese Herbs– contains stories on how the healing herbs came to be. In ancient China, most of the herbs that are used as medicine were discovered through trial and error or by accident- and there are some interesting history behind them
  • The Popular Health Wellness- the book cost only RM16.90 and contains sharing by various qualified Chinese TCM doctors on common ailments and illness.

The best part is that these books are affordable and written for the beginner in mind. Only if we understand the basic principles then only can we comprehend more complicated texts.

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