Small Acupressure Tool- made of wood

Complementary Healing

If I am not mistaken, the tool as shown in the picture below is used for massage. But I find it very useful as an acupressure tool. I bought the sturdy wooden tool from a small stall in the remote area of Thailand. Can’t comfirm if it is really used for acupressure- but I find it useful for self-applied acupressure, especially dealing with areas like the stomach for wind in the stomach.


It costs me about 20baht (RM2), which I easily carry around in a handbag or small bag. Of the four different points, I find the sharpest point is the most useful point. The sharp point made it easier to press at a particular acupressure point- it is more effective than using the thumb (in my opinion) because area point of contact is lesser. Less strength is required as well.  Well, I tend to modify the function of items like using the guadsa board as a portable muscle ache reliever– also because it requires less strength compared to massaging with the hands.

The item above can be bought in the tourist shops selling wooden products in Thailand. But if you do not travel to that part of the world, I hope the picture above give you an idea and perhaps you can get a carpenter to make one for you.

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