Strange but Chiropractic treatment supress my food cravings

Last Updated on July 30, 2020

I want to share with you on my recent experience after consulting a chiropractor for my lower back pain.

No doubt, going to the traditional Chinese doctor who had administered acupuncture and Chinese medicine had helped me, however the pain came back after a few weeks even though it was milder (the Chinese doctor did tell me that treatment will take time, as I did not develop my pain overnight).

Anyway, how I found the chiropractor was due to pure coincidence. About few weeks back I had been having flare up with my sinus, throat, itchy eyes and ears. Hence I wanted to try the resdung (traditional Malay treatment) which had been really effective for my Malay colleagues. I distinctly remembered there was a treatment center in SS2, Petaling Jaya.

When I went there, I found out that the place had folded and no more there. I was going to go back when my eye caught a chiropractic center called Premium Chiropractor. Curious, I just wanted to go and take a look- after all, my back problem also recently flared up. I would still go back to the acupuncture and Chinese medicine but since I know my back is not aligned properly- I was thinking to fix the alignment first so that the treatment would be more effective.  It was located at the Mezainne floor (where you need to take a flight of stairs up).

As I arrived, I noticed there was like 3 or 4 people waiting for treatment.  Usually on how we always make decision and go to restaurants where there are more people- because more people means the food is nice, it is the same with the center. When I saw there were actually patients, well, it should not be too bad. After all, what’s there to lose except RM90 (first treatment there is a flat charge of RM90 and subsequent treatment is RM70).

I decided to register and I thought would have to wait for a while- but I waited not more than 15 minutes and it was my turn.

Above: File picture, not the real Dr Eric Woo

I went in, the chiropractor, Dr Eric Woo well, he is not exactly a healer of many words- he just asked me about my problem and got straight on to work. Raise my left hand, knock on the forehead a few times, then he got me to lie down on my side and did some twists on both sides. This is followed by pulling my neck. And then I had to hug myself while he pressed and I heard crack crack sound on my rib and backbone. Anyway with each movement also lots of crack crack sound and a feeling of something being corrected.

Then I think I went to work on something that looked like correcting chakra imbalances- I do not know what it is and as he is not a person of many words I also did not ask any question. After that, he told me:

  • not to carry heavy things
  • bend down properly and not suddenly
  • no sitting on the floor
  • no streneous exercise like racquet games, jogging (brisk walking and walking are okay)
  • no sitting on the floor or cross legged
  • come back in a few days

The treatment finished in maybe about 5 to 8 minutes I think. Very fast. And when I got out, I saw another 3 new patients and when I was walking down the stairs I met another two coming up.

 My experience after the chiropractic treatment

Update: This effect lasted for about a week or two but it still amazes me that it had happened. In the end, understanding the root cause of emotional eating helped me to curb my food craving tendencies.

It was strange, really strange. Being someone who loves food- I love to eat and do my best to watch my portion and exercise so that I could manage my weight. But I don’t deprive myself and I do take my favourite food- in smaller portion. My job is also can be quite stressful at times (at most times actually) so I have the tendency to munch on ‘comfort food’ and that’s where it can get hard to control.

Right after the treatment, it was lunch time. I find that I had lost the appetite to eat. Or more accurately, my appetite control center seemed to be regularized. I stopped having the food cravings I did.

I went back and ate a piece of butter bun and then, it was it till dinner. I still have the physical sensation of being hungry due to empty stomach but I do not have the craving of eating fried stuff or sweet things. Instead I look around for healthier options as I just felt unhealthy junk food is too much for my system to process.

It was strange and it is the first time I felt like this (except during times when I suffer from nausea or sore throat)….that I could lose my food cravings.

My back even though the discomfort did not totally go away, I did not feel that my lower body is heavy. My steps felt lighter – probably due to the release and realignment of my back.

When I went back to see him for a second time, I expressed my surprise that the treatment had helped me to regain a proper appetite control center. He said that there are cases for those who do not eat enough, they may eat more for nutrients. And those who overeat would eat less, as not to eat more than what their body needs.

It has been a few weeks now and my eating patterns are getting normal. Work never change, still stressed as ever but instead of wanting to eat chocolates or crackers (keropok), I am happier drinking water, taking an oats drink or munching on some fruit. I could turn away from offers of potato crisps or other junk food without requiring any willpower.

When I no longer overeat, I need not also push myself to exercise so much. I could stick to the low intensity exercise like walking.

My experience may be unique and I believe each one of us responds differently to the treatment. I have read in some forums that some people did comment about this doctor, but personally, I find his treatment effective. By having a proper appetite control center, it solved a lot of my problems. I believe as he did not only do 100% chiropractic but compliment with other forms of healing, it helps not to only restore the physical, but the emotional well-being. Whatever it is, I am grateful.

Remember, a good healer is not one of blabbermouth and talk non stop of sweet words to lure you and keep you coming back. Over the years I’ve seen many healers and health practitioners and had my share of those who talk talk- great therories but charge a lot and do not do properly. So do not look at things from a superficial manner. The doctor is not the sweet-talking type but his treatments must obviously been effective judging from a lot of patients who I see each time waiting for him coming from all walks of life from young to old.

Chiropractic treatment works slower than acupuncture. The doctor would correct the alignment and then give the bones a while to heal by itself and then treat again. Usually one time treatment would not work. And sometimes after a few days you may feel pain- which may not be bad pain but good pain as it is sign that your body is healing by itself.

I also recommended a long time friend of mine to the treatment- she had suffered from severe backache that spread to her neck and shoulders. After I met her the second time to go for treatment together, she told me the pain is still there but with lesser intensity. As she knew her backproblem had existed for years, she does not expect it to heal overnight and willing to give it sometime.

This chiropractic center does not have any web presence (like official website or Facebook page) but there are lots of patients coming to consult this chiropractor – it is non stop. Hence, if you are suffering from back pain, shoulder pain or if your child is having posture misalignment, you may consider this treatment if you can come to Petaling Jaya area.

Dr Eric Woo
(B App Science Chiropractic- RMIT University Australia)
Premier Chiropractic Center SB (603071-U)
No 6, Mezzanine Floor, Jalan SS2/63
47300 Petaling Jaya
Tel 03-78770168, 78771397
Fax 03-78774598
(some roll with Maybank SS2 – facing the SS2 field next to the SS2 food court)

It opens from Monday to Saturday about 9.30am to 5pm but Thursday is half day (morning session). Sunday and public holidays are closed. Would suggest you call up and make an appointment before going.

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