Relief stiff back, pain in kidney and creaking neck

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Do you suffer from stiff or painful back with pain in kidney when you get up every morning? I’ve writen an article on pain in the kidney area from my personal experience. For you, if you suffer from pains in the kidney, please do yourself a favor and get test- at least blood and urine tests done to check if your kidney functions are normal. As for your back, consult a chiropractor, occupational therapist to check if there could be any postural issues.

After you have done that, I’ve compiled some complimentary exercises that can help you to reduce daily pain you may be experiencing. If the test results indicate nothing is wrong with your kidneys, then another possibility is that your spine may not be properly aligned- as the result of the misalignment, one vertabrea may press more on a particular nerve- and that nerve could be the one that is connecting to one or both kidneys. That explains the pain (that’s why my suggestion to also seek treatment to help correct any postural imbalance). Because chi flow is also affected to the kidney and in the long run, your kidneys may further weaken.

Our kidney store our life force energy. As such, people who are constantly tired and suffer from fatigue may likely suffer from kidney chi deficiency.  Simple chi kung exercises can help to restore the balance.

But what you can do for your back, especially if you have kidney pain when you get up in the morning or you have lower back discomfort is to do some simple exercises: crane neck and spinal cord breathing exercises

You can refer to the video by Mantak Chia (chi kung master) that shows how the exercises can be done. If I wake up with lower back discomfort (because I do sleep in a funny posture), I would do the spinal cord breathing, crane neck as well as the 5 minute cure and healing sounds.

After doing the exercises, you would be surprised that you would feel fresher and more oxygenated. Due to stress, you may not be sleeping well and you may wake up tired- the exercises would immediately make you feel refreshed.  These are simple exercise but the effect is awesome- you find you can handle stress level as your emotions become more balance due to better balance of chi in your internal organs. As such, it’s most beneficial if you can do it before you sleep and right after you get up early in the morning.

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