Why there is pain in kidney area? From personal experience….

by Yin on April 26, 2010

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Important: If you have kidney pain and take caffeine in the form of coffee and tea, cutting down your doses can reduce the pain. If possible, just keep to one small cup a day. Try cutting down, not taking coffee after 4pm and see if you feel better.

This article is written for those who have experienced pain in the kidney areas but blood tests, scans and even a kidney function test using radioactive substance yields nothing wrong. No stones, no tumor, no swelling, no infection- but the pain’s there. How to explain that?

First, do bear with me with a long personal account of my own experience. The reason I am writing about my experience is to let you know that I had been having this problem for many years, saw specialists and no one could help… and once I found the cause, it just disappeared. 

For about 7 years or more I’ve always had pain in my right kidney. The pain sometimes come after a cup of strong latte or iced tea during the day. But mainly, for years, the pain woke me up in the morning to go to the bathroom.

Initially I ignored it- but after my close friend got diagnosed with nephritis (scarring of the kidney due to the immune system attacking her kidneys), I started going for tests. Prior to her diagnosis, she had been experiencing unexplainble fatigue.  She ignored it at first, thinking it was due to the shift duty and irregular sleeping pattens that made her tired (we were in shift duty and sleepiness was common).  She only went for a routine checkup when her sister insisted she went and paid for the checkup- thankfully she found out before her kidney failed.

At her nudgings, I went to see a physician from a well known private hospital. That time I was very much overweight and he told me that the pain was probably due to constipation. I told him that I don’t really have constipation problems- he insisted it is constipation and dismissed me with a rude look. He also told me bluntly to lose weight. He sent me off with laxatives. 

Later I went to another clinic where I wanted to ask for another referral. So happened the doctor’s husband is a urologist. This lady doctor had always been very kind, patient, non judgmental and compassionate. So when I saw her husband, I was pleasantly surprised that her husband was very much like her. I told him about the pain and he prescribed all types of test- I told him I wanted to get to the bottom of the problem and my company is footing all the bills. So I was sent for UV scans, blood and urine tests. When the tests came back with nothing wrong, he prescribed a complete kidney function test where I was required to fast and then swallow a radioactive drink. I would then lie on a steel bed where they took Xrays of my kidneys. 

Everything was normal. He told me that he really could not find what was wrong- but at least he put my mind at ease because I had all the tests done.

Fast forward years later, I was still having the pain. Yes, if I stopped drinking coffee, it will not disturb me in the day but the pain would still wake me up almost every morning. It’s a catch-22 situation- I was constantly tired so I needed expensive strong doses of coffee to keep me awake- the 3-in-1 stopped working. I needed lattes, sometimes with added expresso shots to maintain my energy. 

Later I left my job, and find no need to continue with strong caffeine doses. The pain in the kidney was still there- waking me up in the morning to go to the bathroom to pee but the day attacks were much lesser.  No one could tell me what’s wrong. I exercise frequently and seldom suffered from lower back pain. 

Then, only within these few months, I started coming across Chinese system of healing- I found out that the kidney is where our life force lies. So a person who is constantly tired, lethargic, dark eye rings also have weak kidney energy. It is also where the negative energy of fear is being stored. 

But the real connection I made was when a healer, which a friend bought me to see told me that he felt I was trying to deny something in my life. It is as if I am going to a different direction from what I knew I should be doing. I was taken aback by his remark, came back and thought about it and realized that it was true. 

Then, I started opening my eyes to mind body connection- I read books by Vernon Coleman (Mindpower) and Deb Shapiro (Your Body Speaks Your Mind). From the books, I drew some conclusions:

  • If you suffer from any kidney ailments, unexplained pain or even diseases like nephritis, kidney stones that could not be dislodged with lasers, kidney failure, cancer:

Check the direction you are going in life.

Because if you go in the wrong direction from your life’s purpose, you may get kidney problems that seemed to have no cure. Everyone is afraid of following their hearts, especially if it implies going to a totally opposite direction from corporate world, earning tonnes of money and affording the material lifestyle. So many people have learnt to shut the voices in their hearts. Eventually, an inner numbness developed that cannot be satisfied even with shopping sprees, ice creams, chocolates, entertainment or expensive holidays.

But the body never forgets- these denied negative emotions- fearing to go towards the unknown, fearing to listen to one’s heart will be store in the kidneys and eventually weaken it. And then kidney ailments will arise. 

This whole notion may sound totally ridiculous to you. But think about it- most of us are rich beyond most of our ancestors- yet, where we are rich in material, our inner being constantly feel empty. Overeating, sluggishness, depression, kidney failures, heart attacks, and other ailments are not as simple as eating too much fast food and too little physical activities. It’s also got to do with the demands to maintain a material lifestyle that we have been conditioned to believe we need. 

Learning to respect yourself, have a little faith and condition, working towards the direction that you meant to be doing will eventually lead to your body beginning to heal itself. Even though you may not be cured completely, your kidneys will get stronger and at least the condition will not deteriorate further. 

For me, the healer’s message woke me up- I sat down and meditated and told myself that I will try to live my life as true to my vocation as possible. I thanked my body for being there for me and my right kidney for warning me. It was not trying to give me problems- it was trying to warn me for years- and if I continue ignoring the message, perhaps one day, my kidney may just fail me. I knew that I will be afraid but I will face my fears and do it anyway. I started planning my life- going into the vocation related to healing instead of back to corporate world

Strangely after that, the pain, that had been around my right kidney for years just vanished. That, together with my chronic fatigue problems that I’ve had since I was in my teens. Nowadays, I am usually up early in the morning, where I will do some short prayers and meditation, then followed by either exercising or doing my blogs before I start the day. 

Unbelievable? Insane? Does not make sense? 

I would not have not believed it myself had it not came from my own experience. It’s first hand account and I want to share my own story after hearing more and more people having their qualities of life lost due to kidney failures. 

Here, I am not asking you to buy any product- if you have been reading my blogs, you may get the idea that I am not motivated to write to earn big bucks. Instead, I am appealing for you to learn to be true to yourself. Even though it is not possible now, promise yourself that you will take step by step to walk the path of what you’re put to this earth to do. And take action- even though they may be small action steps.

You will find your health improve. Try it, my friend- after you all, you have nothing to lose and much to gain….inner peace.

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