A New Revelation Brings Hope to My Early Stage of Osteoarthritis

Last Updated on November 23, 2017

I started develop very strong interest in subject of health and fitness, after experiencing first hand the benefits from proper eating and exercising in eliminating certain chronic conditions. As you would invariably notice from the various health related topics from this blog, I am really committed in sharing as much information as I can to benefit others who suffers from any health related issues. On every health issue posted here, I’ve known at least one person whom I care about who are suffering from the ailment.

From exercising and eating, I am now exploring another possibility- energy healing. What made me belief that energy healing works is because it relieved the current condition that I am on the early stage of osteoarthritis– characterized by the decrease in synovial fluid on my right knee. As the result, my right knee creaked a lot each time I bend and straighten it.

Previously, it was painful but once I started adding aerobic exercise and weight training, as well as making some dietary changes, the pain got to very minimal. But try as I do, I could not ignore the unnerving ‘creaking’ sound that my right knee makes each time I do a ‘front kick’ motion while being seated. It’s scary but to my knowledge, there is no cure for osteoarthritis.

Then, a wise 79 old friend of mine came over to my home for a visit. She has been doing healing for many years, using traditional Malay, Chinese and Indian methods that were taught by her father, who was a healer. Even at the age of 79, she is very healthy and worked day and night.

So happened I took too many cups of coffee the day before and suffered from knee pain the day after. She took a look at my knee and told me that my condition is quite serious. Her explanation is:

your knee is due element imbalance in your body, namely the wind element. The cause is due to bad dietary habits as you tend to take too much tea with ice. So these excessive wind element gathers at your knee cap, blocking effective fluid movement to your joints. As the result, the (synovial) fluid cannot flow and it is causing the place to “dry up”. You must take immediate care before it is too late. First, always press on the points (she shown me 2 points on my outer knee cap that hurts when being pressed) as well as massage your knee- it will help with the circulation. The point will be painful when you press it but it will help to push out the ‘wind’. She also ask me to massage a painful point at a spot between my first and second toe as well as on my archilles heel.”
She also advised me to cut off tea and iced/cold drinks, do the salt bath soak, stick a heat plaster or a glass bottle with warm water over my knee. She also wanted me to take traditional Chinese food known to be good for leg strength and some fish oil.Within half an hour of talking, massaging and pressing the point, the creaking sound was reduced. I was amazed since, exercise helped me to take away the pain but not the creaking sound and I had resigned to the fact that the ‘day will come whereby osteoarthritis will strike in full blow. It will then be days of pain’.

In conventional medicine, we would have been taught that there is nothing much we can do to prevent the condition from coming in once the degeneration had started, but we can delay the process but making lifestyle changes. So I resigned in despair and hopelessness. I continued my bad habits as I was thinking to myself, ‘what the heck, there is nothing I could do anyway to prevent it.’

But that fateful day, my friend had given me a gift that is so invaluable.

She had given me hope.

With hope, I had the courage and determination to change. After that day, I’ve literally cut off Ceylonese tea and hardly take anymore cool/iced drinks. I instinctively knew that she had worked on my meridian points and smoothen the energy flow. My brother had suffered from a sniff neck one day, and all she did was to press on a point near his collar bone and the pain’s instantly gone. I told myself that I will try to learn more on energy healing.

I told myself that I will learn up more on meridian points and healing using chi. I made a wish to be able to find a good book that could teach me what I needed to know. That was about a month ago.

Then two days ago, I was a bookstore and picked up the book on Energy Medicine by Donna Eden. It was strange as I have little goosebumps running through my body when I was reading certain part of the book.

I knew this is what I had to do- exercise with energy healing, will facilitate the healing process for our body. It’s more gentle, less invasive and do not bring side effects like conventional treatment does. This method also compliments conventional treatment (for those who opt for prescibed treatment, surgery and medication).

So much had changed since my new direction that I felt in my heart to persue last year.

You can view Donna Eden’s videos in YouTube (I have arranged on chronological order):

1. Energy Healing – Introduction

2. Energy Healing- Welcome Message

3. Energy Testing

4. Five Minute Energy Routine

5. The Three Thumps- Part 1, Part 2

6. The Cross Crawl– energy rebalance

7. The Wayne Cook Posture (Part 2)

8. The Crown Pull

9. The Zip-Up

10. Neuro Vascular– stress and its effect on the body

11. Your Aura, Part 1, Part 2

12. Cross Overs

13. Tracing your Meridians- part 1, Part 2


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