Stroke: Treatments to go straight to after being discharged from hospital

Last Updated on July 18, 2020

When a person suffers from stroke, the person needs immediate treatment at the hospital. However, what should one do upon discharge from hospital?

Based on research done, it is very likely to get a second stroke after the first one.

Both my dad and his elder brother had suffered from stroke.  The second stroke caused my dad to go into coma, and eventually his passing away.

My uncle (my dad’s elder brother) survived both of the strokes but the second stroke caused permanent disability.

An elderly lady whom I know who is about 90 years old now and had been relatively healthy advised me that it is important for a person, upon discharge from hospital to seek acupuncture treatment as soon as possible.

In fact, when her family member got stroke, she got him straight to acupuncture treatment shortly after he was discharged from hospital. This happened more than 10 years ago and fortunately the person have not gotten stroke the second time.

You may watch the video I have made on the treatments that can help minimize the recurrence of a second stroke:


Other forms of treatment:

1.Thai healing massage 

When I was in Thailand, I also went for treatment from a Thai traditional healer called Paw Moh who specialised in massage to clear the lymphatic drainage. It was so painful and yet right after the session, my neck, shoulders, lower back and knees felt literally pain free. Patients who suffered from stroke was brought to him for treatment and Paw Moh patiently treated each and every one.

This type of Thai massage is very different from the type of conventional massage that you are getting from massage parlours.

2. Chiropractic treatment

Chiropractic treatment can help to align the structure of the body to enable easy flow of fluids in the body and avoid energy blockages. When I am at the chiropractor’s clinic waiting for my turn, I would see people coming in for treatment due to stroke, injuries and pain. Chiropractor treatments are not cheap hence if it is not effective, many people would not go for it.

As always, go with those of good recommendation or clinics where you see a lot of people waiting. Yes, it is uncomfortable to wait but only good healers can attract a huge number of customers day in and out.

3. Change in lifestyle and take your medication

Treatments can only help to a certain extend. To prevent occurrence, changes in lifestyle is equally important. If the person can walk, then he or she need to learn to be more physically active and incorporating more exercise upon obtaining advise and clearance from the doctor. One must also watch the food intake and eat accordingly based on the advise of a dietitian.


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