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Blood Pressure that is Out of Control | Resistant Hypertension- Real Stories

I would be covering on blood pressure that is out of control or unstable in adults which is triggered by extreme emotions and stress. In this article, I would cover related to adults, while in a separate article, I would specifically cover on elderly because the triggers are very different. Note: It is very important …

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Stroke: Treatments to go straight to after being discharged from hospital

It is dangerous to assume that everything is alright when there is an apparent 100% recovery (patient did not lose mobility). Few people including my late dad did not had any complication from their first stroke. However the second stroke took my dad’s life and I know of few who suffered permanent paralysis. From Chinese healing systems, when the first stroke happens, blockages in certain meridian points would occur. After being discharged, it is important to go for follow up treatment to heal internally and prevent serious complication should the second stroke happen.

Treatment for unexplained dizziness or vertigo in women

Few months ago, my friend has to rush back from work to send her mother to the emergency room. Her mom had very bad case of dizziness and literally collapsed on the floor, with difficulty to get up.

They spent a few hours in the hospital undergoing tests and scans. The doctors could not find any serious medical condition in her mother. She was given medication that was similar to treat travel sickness and was sent home. Eventually she turned to traditional treatment and have not had vertigo since.

Chiropractor treatment afterstroke

Treatment after stroke for a chance of being able to walk again

Even though the patient seemed to recover fully on the first time of a stroke attack, it does not mean so inside. Usually, the second stroke would result in a severe complication. That is why aside from going to hospital, they would take the stroke patient for traditional Chinese treatment even though the patient seemed to have recovered 100%. I wished I had know about this earlier as my dad suffered complication from his second stroke and passed away. But what has happened has happened. I could not undo the past. All I can do is write about these things in my blog to create awareness.

Health problems from the stress of being managed out at work

When you are not liked by your boss, superiors or the management, instead of asking you to leave or offering you a severance package, what they would do is to make your life miserable so that you would resign on your own.

The person would be humiliated in meetings, being told they are not performing, and having another new junior person being promoted as their immediate boss. The trick is to make the person unable to bear the humiliation and mental torture so that that person leave on their own accord. What can you do if you suddenly find yourself in this situation?

When Cholesterol LDL levels is not under control- Mind Body Connection

Do you know of people whose cholesterol levels are not under control despite being on medication and living a healthy lifestyle? A sedentary lifestyle and poor dietary habits have often been linked to heart disease, high LDL cholesterol, diabetes, obesity and chronic pains. Therefore, changing towards a more healthy lifestyle is vital to keep cholesterol …

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