What can help knocked-knees more than surgery…. lifestyle adaptations

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My mom had worked at the Orthopedic section where she had seen patients coming in for knock-knee (genu valgum) correction surgery. She would advise against having the surgery unless really necessary. Because she had noted that after the surgery, it seemed to give the patient more problem than before. For one, I have knocked-knees all my life.  My knees turned inward when [...]

Download Exercise Videos from YouTube as part of your home exercising program

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HealthBlog defaultimage 150x150 - Download Exercise Videos from YouTube as part of your home exercising program

In order to maintain our fitness level and muscle mass, we would need to create a systematic exercise program for ourself. Different people get motivated differently: going for classes to keep in shape- for example dancing and yoga classes sports with friends and clubs, eg play football during weekend going for hiking or runs in the [...]

My workout today…

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This morning, I decided to squeeze in a workout before going to work. It lasted about 40 min. First, I selected my favorite songs from the list of my MTVs that I’ve compiled from YouTube. I played them in my exercise program: Track 1 : Do light jogs, jumping jacks and jog with raised knees [...]

Videos for Injuries/ Pain

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HealthBlog defaultimage 150x150 - Videos for Injuries/ Pain

Please perform these exercise at the level you can manage- do not over exert Exercise to help overcome: Muscle Cramps Cramps on the thighs Cramps on the foot Lower back pain Yoga Postures to cure back pain Pilates to Relieve Lower Back Pain Lower Back Exercise Learn the pretzel, and knee to chest pull Back [...]