A Qi Gong Teacher Passed Away from Stroke

Blood Pressure

My friend told me that her parents’ Qi Gong teacher just passed away. He died from a ruptured blood vessel in his brain, ie stroke. The news came as a huge shock to her parents as well as his other students. No doubt the instructor had taught Qi Gong for many years, the factors that attributed to his sudden demise could be:

  • he did not take medication regularly, ie he had only taken medication when he felt giddy or unwell and not consistently. He was confident that just by practicing qi gong, he could do away with medication.
  • he did not practice restraint in his food intake, ie he basically takes food that he loved, even though it is high in saturated fat.

This served as an important lesson for all of us and also for our loved ones. If you or someone you know suffer from high blood pressure and cholesterol, it’s important to continue taking proper medication. Even though there are side effects, the medication helps to control the condition from becoming fatal. I can relate very well to this lesson because my own dad passed away from stroke because he had not been taking medication consistently and could not give up or at least reduce oily food and meat.

We may adopt complimentary healing methods such as qi gong, tai chi, yoga and changing our eating habits, attitude towards triggers such as stress. But at the same time, getting regular check-ups and take our medication on time are also equally important. When we choose to adopt a healthy lifestyle physically, mentally and emotionally, we may eventually reduce and do not require the medication anymore.

I have seen 2 of my colleagues who have high blood pressure:

  • one who went into a fully healthy eating habits- do not need the medication anymore
    another got the dosage reduced.
  • another colleague of mine actually set a reminder on his handphone to go off every day at 11am to remind him to take his tablets. And he nicely arrange his tablets in a row of little boxes- labeled Monday- Sunday (you can get that from Watson).

I am not sure about other conditions but high blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes will require discipline in taking medication and food control—- until one day, with strong faith and determination, we recover.

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