The Danger of Compromising Your Posture

Last Updated on July 31, 2021

If the muscles in your body are under conditioned, it will result in muscle weakness. The muscle weakness will make the person more prone to injury, muscle sprain or pain. Your body does it best to work together as a unit. Whenever there is a discomfort, your body will automatically compensate for the weak muscle by changing to an unnatural position. The unnatural position places excessive pressure on the compensating part.

What happens if you do not do anything about it:

  • –constant pain, sometimes acute, sometimes chronic. Lower back pain, stiff shoulders, pain the neck are all indicative of back posture and weak muscles (especially the core muscles)


Personal Experience
I have mentioned in a previous post that I have pain on my right knee. for a long time (before gym days). My body tries to reduce that pain but shifting more weight towards the left leg. Now, the pain in my knee is very much reduced after I began putting more focus on core exercises. But my right hip, who have been bearing the brunt for too long, begins to show signs of pain. I am planning to do more core conditioning exercises to strengthen my hip muscles. Previously, when I started yoga based exercises, doing abdominal and back exercises wrongly (when you do not suck in your belly button towards the spine) will cause tremendous pressure on the lower back. But after one of the instructor advised me to tuck in, I was able to slowly develop a stronger lower back. Now, I do not get lower back pain because I am doing those exercises correctly.

How to handle posture problems.
You need to do more stretching and core exercises to strengthen your muscles. And weight bearing exercises to strengthen the weak muscle. If you have an injury, you should not do high intensity exercises. But you need to consider focusing on working on to correct your posture before it gets worst. Whenever you start yoga, Pilates or core exercises, let the instructor know that you have an injury. Your instructor will be able to offer you options if a certain post were to bring you lots of pain. Don’t ever force the exercise (especially if you have an injury or chronic pain)- a sharp piercing pain during workout indicates that either you are not ready for the exercise or it’s done wrongly. The safest bet is to go into recommended exercises slowly and gradually.

Most important, take the first step to heal any postural issues. Do not be a victim of constant back pain, muscle stiffness anymore. No more spending tonnes of money on frequent massage and spas- once you start to workout your core and do the exercises correctly, your body will feel well.

You can check out and type in the keywords like ‘exercise injury’ or ‘exercise posture’ to find videos that shows what type of exercises help for certain types of injuries or to improve your posture. I have also compiled some exercise videos on Injuries & Pain Management and Core Muscles (for posture)

  • —the part that is well will suffer injury such as fracture or slip disk because the muscles are no longer protecting the bones effectively due to weakness.
  • —may led to auto degenerative diseases such as osteoporosis, arthritis or osteoarthritis because of weak muscles and more pressure on bones and joints.
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