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This morning, I decided to squeeze in a workout before going to work. It lasted about 40 min.

First, I selected my favorite songs from the list of my MTVs that I’ve compiled from YouTube. I played them in my exercise program:

  • Track 1 : Do light jogs, jumping jacks and jog with raised knees to stomach level.
  • Track 2 : Combination of jumping jacks, running on the spot, quick aerobic movements.
  • Track 3: With 1.5kg weights on each hand (that’s the only hand weights that I have with me), do a combination of jumping jacks, and leg raises. Halfway in the song, started side squats with sidekicks (got the tip from E! Channel) with the weights till the song stops
  • Track 4: Yoga poses- start off with the right leg at the back- in combination of warrior 2, triangle, warrior 2, sun warrior, warrior 2 with hand touch the ground, then raise to a leg lunge by pushing at the back up to get up. Then repeat with the other leg. End up warrior 3 position for both legs. Then lie down with both feet pressing to the Stability ball at 90 degrees- lower to 45 degrees and repeat that for about 15 times in quick movements- with tummy tucked in to prevent strain on lower back. Then do butt raises, twice on each leg.
  • Track 5: Sun salutations, crunches, then a bit of hamstring stretches
  • Track 6: Continue warm down-and end with the yoga plank-to-cobra-to downdog: repeated that bout 5 times.

Halfway through some of the tracks, I change tracks because either the video hang or I felt I prefer to hear another song. Therefore, even with 6 main tracks, the entire exercise took me about 40 minutes.

Being a self-proclaimed exercise addict, I would feel all wrong by the 3rd day without exercising. Today’s only my second day (since Sunday). Squeezing in a workout before work helps to increase my endurance at work and getting more things done within limited time. Still, I have to admit that I am loading a bit more on carbs (more than I burn) due to stress eating- these week especially, demands at work had been high.

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