How you can measure your progress in your fitness plan


If you workout in the gym, it’s very easy to measure your progress- either,

  • you are able to exercise for longer duration without feeling tired
  • able to increase the intensity of the exercise, for instance increasing the effort level or the gradient of the machine, or have higher speed
  • able to gradually lift heavier weights

However, if you are not practicing in the gym, how will you know if you have progressed?

Example: Running/jogging/brisk walk at the park

pictureforblog - How you can measure your progress in your fitness plan If you go to the same park, the distance covered in one round is almost similar. First, see how many rounds you can go in the park. Take down the time required to complete those rounds.

Then, aim towards a shorter time to cover the same distance- for instance, it it takes you 20 min to complete one round, try to work to reduce it further. Sometimes, in order to reduce, it may involve from brisk walking to light jog or from jogging to running. If you are able to make it consistently at better time, it’s a sign that you have progressed.


For cardio based exercises, it’s important to ensure you drink enough water before, during and after the exercise. Personally at the gym, I drink at least up to 6 normal sized glasses of water at the gym in a 2hour workout. I will drink 1.5 before and another 1.5 cups after. The rest I drink in between. If I am not at the gym, I keep a bottle in my car and drink in between.

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