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I think I must have overdone my workout. Last Saturday, after doing bout 1hr of yoga, I did more than 1 hr of cardio followed by strength training. I was lost in the music to noticed that I have overdone the cardio. Rightfully, I should not have done the exercise in high intensity if I had wanted to stretch the duration longer. By the time I did my crunches & stretches, I felt I had overdone the exercise bit.

But Sunday, I was back again, and once I am at the cardio machine, got carried away and did about 45min of cardio (was supposed to take it easy).

So today, being a New Year’s day, I felt I need to focus on softer flexibility based exercises instead of cardio and strength training that may cause further sprain on my knee. So I decided to do some home based exercise:
  • 45 min of Body Balance release # 34
  • Pilates for Abs (10 min) from YouTube —very good for the stomach- you can literally feel the core burning.
  • Pilates Sculpting (10min) from YouTube —something different- done using weights

Certain Pilates abs exercises are still too challenging- but I am sure with time, I will be able to do fully them. The exercises were easy on the knees, and I can feel my stomach muscles working- even now. Work out a good sweat. Now, I am just waiting to have my dinner 🙂

Happy New Year! May we be able to form resolutions and stick to them.

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