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Yesterday nite, not long after I posted my blog entry, I started on exercise for total of 1.5hrs:

  • Body Balance release #34 track 1 to 4 (on DVD)- because I love the track 1 and 4 of that release
  • Then, dance on the Stability ball watching YouTube videos.
  • But later, change to workouts using the Stability ball- sit ups, push ups (ankle on the ball), stretches, exercising adductors by lying down and releasing the ball 45degrees, then raising again. Also butt raises, etc.
  • Complete the last 15 min with dance and stretch movements.
So by the time I complete, it was about 12.30am and I went to sleep shortly after.
This morning, I drank one cup of Ensure before going to at the park. I’ve always find that taking Ensure early in the morning before workout gives me longer endurance. Did 4 rounds’ worth of running/quick jogs – with one circle about 1km. Split into 2+2, taking a rest in between to visit the washroom and drink water- about at least 500ml. Then did proper cool down by stretching from head to toe, focusing stretches on the legs/hamstrings. The stretching helps my muscles to recover and I am able to walk back to the car without feeling any strain.

I am glad because the last time I went to the park months ago, I could not even make it 1/2 circle with continuous jog- normally I only walked 3 rounds in the park, followed by a rich brunch or dinner. Today, when I am able to make it for 4 rounds, I realised that my self exercise prescription bears results. But from my food diary below, you will see why I am not losing an average of 1 to 2 pounds per week because of the way I eat:


Food diary:

In the morning, I had a cup of Ensure before the jog. After I came back I had 3 pieces of Gardenia Breakthru bread with:

  • 2pcs of bread- with fried egg and cheese with chili sauce and pickled green cut chilies- i’t’s delicious, and it really taste like McEgg, minus the salad dressing.
  • 1 pc of bread with about a teaspoon of Smuckers peanut butter.
  • a cup of 3-in-1 Nescafe breakfast
  • 2 pcs of kuih kapit
  • 2 pcs of Mark & Spencer’s chocolate cornflakes mini bites- they’re delicious
  • an apple and a banana

Then in the afternoon, I raided 2 shopping complexes and had a McDonalds Choco Top ice cream cone sundea (yeah, it’s bad but it taste heavenly). After 5hrs of shopping, my legs are tired and hungry. So,

pre-dinner snack- 1 pc of the choco cornflake (yeah again) and 1.5cups of banana flavoured MariGold Low Fat milk (I had wanted to buy the vanilla flavour but wrongly taken the banana flavour milk again because of similar package colour)

Dinner- Tesco’s whole wheat spaghetti with Kimball spaghetti sauce + straw mushroom + chicken and one banana.

Yes, I know I ate a lot, the spaghetti is quite a big portion.

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