When Treatment and Medication are Not Effective (or the best)

In many countries, doctors are bound of strict guidelines to follow when it comes to treatment of illness and diseases. If a certain doctor is found to have deviated from the standard protocols and the patient degenerates, the doctor and the institution (clinic, hospital) can be sued for malpractice and the doctor could lose his …

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What to do when you are diagnosed with hepatitis B

If you have been diagnosed with hepatitis B, close follow with your specialist (usually a gastroenterologist) is crucial. Your doctor would advice if you should begin medication for your condition (do note medication is usually long term and very expensive) or try to first control via lifestyle changes. In this article, I would address the lifestyle …

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Why nice and accomodating people get lupus or SLE

Mind body connection states that our mind are not separated with the body. How you react towards others in life would result in our body to react the same way. If often in our lives should have just said no but we did not, and we just let people take the lead, dictate our lives or walk all over us, us may invariably confuses the heck out of to our immune system.

Tonsil issues and cancer- and link to ‘swallowing’ one’s emotion

My mom was diagnosed with tonsil cancer in year 2000. I wanted to write this article after having a friend who also contracted tonsil cancer in her late 20s and she also had to dealt with suppressing a lot of injustices in her life. But she has to toughen on just to survive and feed her family. Both of them is no longer associated with the situation that I felt triggered their condition and have recovered.

Chiropractic adjustments for vertigo or dizziness

Once I suffered unexplained lightheaded and dizziness almost the entire day. I decided to visit my chiropractor who uses a combination of chiropractor manipulation and point therapy to health symptoms. When I told him my head ‘did not feel right’ and I was having dizziness last week, he told me that dizziness or lightheaded should not be taken lightly. The treatment brought a lot of relief and I felt better without requiring the use of oral medication.

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