Reason to consume less fat

fried chicken food fat 300x200 - Reason to consume less fat

In a way, it is quite fortunate that I generally do not have much craving for oily or fried food. No doubt I enjoy eating them once a while, but each time I consume a meal consisting too much of fried and fatty food, I will feel nausea. Therefore, I seldom crave for food like [...]

I Brought Myself a Swiss Ball

exercise stabilityball 300x200 - I Brought Myself a Swiss Ball

I had been thinking of buying a Swiss ball for my own personal home use for quite sometime. Finally, I bought one for RM59 last Wednesday from a sports store. It’s a 55cm NordicTrack ball that comes in the colour lilac, one of my favourite colours. Today, I inflated the ball and move around with [...]

Looking back at how I used to be….

meditation calm mindful 300x232 - Looking back at how I used to be....

I still remember the first time I wanted to start an exercise program- I mustered courage to show up to the gym, and the guy had me filled up some forms about my goals and stuff like that. He brought me around and I remembered feeling very intimidated by those active looking folks at the [...]

No more cheating at workouts

stop willpower 300x300 - No more cheating at workouts

At the cardio machines, sometimes you see folks clinging on the hand bar during workouts. At the stepper, they hold on to the handrails by the side so that the arms end up supporting most of their body weights. At the treadmill, they put the treadmill on an incline (uphill) but hold on to the [...]

How Temptation Looks Like

fried chicken food fat 300x200 - How Temptation Looks Like

I am going to be very honest- I have been very bad last Tuesday. I took leave on Tuesday- I would say the day is very well spent. Went shopping, then to bookshops, dropped by at the library, then followed by gym. But look what I ordered for lunch at Wong Kok Char restaurant (specialises [...]

Looking the Talk

meditation calm mindful 300x232 - Looking the Talk

I can’t say enough the effects of choosing a healthier lifestyle has done for me. I did not do this to grow thin or become more popular. It’s just an inner motivation to regain health and energy that gives a better quality of life. Still….. When I see some of my friends going to one [...]

More than 100 posts and counting

HappyNewYear 300x224 - More than 100 posts and counting

This blog was born 27 Apr 07, after realising that I was ripping myself off with my sweet tooth lifestyle. It’s hard to believe that I have already published more than 100 posts (this is post # 102 to be precise) on this blog alone. As for my other blog, the posts touched 72 since [...]

Over done the exercise bit

pain back leg 174x300 - Over done the exercise bit

I think I must have overdone my workout. Last Saturday, after doing bout 1hr of yoga, I did more than 1 hr of cardio followed by strength training. I was lost in the music to noticed that I have overdone the cardio. Rightfully, I should not have done the exercise in high intensity if I [...]

Sudden food cravings

ice cream eat 300x200 - Sudden food cravings

Yesterday, I had blown my breakfast. At first was ok, egg sandwich with Gardenia Breakthru bread and a bit of mayo. Then, I took a ‘heong ping’, a pastry based biscuit with a delicious swet filling that my friend got me from Ipoh. And then, followed by a few Pringles chips. Then it started- intense [...]

Project ‘Tummy’ Part 7- Conclusion

belly stomach 300x200 - Project 'Tummy' Part 7- Conclusion

Concluding from Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6… Recap: When I started this little self-project on 27 Oct, a.ka experimentation, I made the following changes: doing crunches on the Swiss/balance ball in almost every workout session. Sometimes I do 30, 40 and even up to 80 times. But if [...]