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Last Updated on July 31, 2021

This blog was born 27 Apr 07, after realizing that I was ripping myself off with my sweet tooth lifestyle. It’s hard to believe that I have already published more than 100 posts (this is post # 102 to be precise) on this blog alone. As for my other blog, the posts touched 72 since 2006.

There are different emphasis, first it was to talk about the bad effects of being addicted to sugar. As reducing sugar and starch will invariably lead to weight loss, I started featuring more posts on sensible eating, book reviews, exercise programs and various articles to basically encourage others not to remain sedentary. Being a sedentary person almost all my life, and eating without much care, I know the difference that a healthy lifestyle can bring.

Articles from this blog are all written from my heart. Reading and researching about topic of health has become my passion. I conduct lots of research in my spare time via the net, reading articles and books.

What I have realized is that we would unlikely be able to follow everything 100%. If we are too strict with ourselves, we are just setting ourselves up for failure. Perhaps is our environment, culture, habits or maybe an inner rebellious streak in us- whatever it is, we need read, adopt wisdom, maybe try out a little and see if it is suitable for us. For instance, I realized that its virtually impossible for me to go 100% without sugar and starch- it involves too much lifestyle changes and it’s quite depriving. Still I have substantially reduced my sugar and starch intake because those cravings don’t get to me so much as they use to.

I also embarked on exercising- try and tested workout programs on my own. I also learned to listen to my body- if I needed more flexibility, I will go for yoga. It will be cardio to beat tiredness, burn calories and work out a sweat. Weights will be to strengthen muscles.

Still, my first priority is to regain health. To date, I have only lost about 10 or 12 pounds because I am not able to give up my daily coffee and tea with condensed milk. My caffeine fixes in a week contributes to the amount of calories I burn doing cardio in a week. I am willing to pay the price coz I love coffee and exercise. Beating fatigue and gaining energy is my main motivation to exercise- I don’t do it to torture my body to look good.

Recently, I have become very interested in health rehabilitation, and I am reading more on how exercise and diet can help people who suffer from serious or chronic illness to regain their health. For instance, do you know that strength training, followed by aerobic activity can help improve arthritis pain? I will also be exploring more on how core strengthening can help improve life quality and cure chronic back pain.

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