Low Sugar Attack/ Hypoglycemia

eat food social 300x200 - Low Sugar Attack/ Hypoglycemia

Yesterday morning to afternoon, I had to sit for an external paper. In the morning, I took coffee and a sandwich made from Gardenia’s Toast ‘Em bread. It’s high in G.I. Halfway through the exam I made myself a cup of Milo (mixed with coffee) because I was getting hungry and a bit tired (as [...]

Caught a chill & treating it without medication

why i keep getting colds 256x300 - Caught a chill & treating it without medication

Most of us will tend to take our health for granted when we are well and able. When we fall sick or injured ourselves, then we will realise that functions that we take for granted, from having energy to perform our activities to daily mobility is something so valuable. It has been raining for these [...]

Eating while on holiday

thailand food 300x225 - Eating while on holiday

I have spent 16 days in Thailand and was just back a few days ago. My work and preparation for the trip kept my completely busy from updating this blog. Each time, prior to my vacation leave, lots of things will crop up and I will be swamped with endless things to complete. But on [...]

My workout today…

healthblog 300x169 - My workout today...

This morning, I decided to squeeze in a workout before going to work. It lasted about 40 min. First, I selected my favorite songs from the list of my MTVs that I’ve compiled from YouTube. I played them in my exercise program: Track 1 : Do light jogs, jumping jacks and jog with raised knees [...]

Workouts & Food Intake…

thailand food 300x225 - Workouts & Food Intake...

Yesterday nite, not long after I posted my blog entry, I started on exercise for total of 1.5hrs: Body Balance release #34 track 1 to 4 (on DVD)- because I love the track 1 and 4 of that release Then, dance on the Stability ball watching YouTube videos. But later, change to workouts using the [...]

Life without the gym…

woman walking fitness nature 300x200 - Life without the gym...

Today is the first day that I have no access to the gym since I had frozen my membership for the month. Initially, I had set my alarm clock at 6.30am in the morning -plan to do some homework, followed by running at a nearby park. But darn, it rained early in the morning and [...]

Exercise Progress So Far (Cardio, Strength, Core & Flexibility)

exercise fitness stretching 300x200 - Exercise Progress So Far (Cardio, Strength, Core & Flexibility)

Here’s my strengths & weaknesses: Cardio- Improving. Treadmill: Spend a lot of time running at the treadmill, at the speed between 8.5 to 9.0 km/hr which I am able to maintain for 10 min. Then I will do brisk walk for about a minute or two before increasing the gradient of the machine to 4.0 [...]

A New Self Project- incorporate more core exercises

exercise yoga core fitness woman 300x199 - A New Self Project- incorporate more core exercises

I enjoy coming up with mini projects to test out theories I have about exercise and food intake. Next month, I will be taking a break, leaving for 16 days to another country- whereby it will involve both physical and mental exertion. Will be meeting up with a dear friend and mentor, doing lots of [...]

Festive Season Diets-High in sugar/fat

cookies fat 300x200 - Festive Season Diets-High in sugar/fat

Can’t resist squeezing in a post before being dragged for visiting… Happy Chinese New Year & Happy Holidays :) For Chinese celebrants, Chinese New Year (CNY) is here. In Malaysia, we seemed to be lucky because we celebrate various festivals, Chinese New Year, Deepavali, Raya, Christmas together. We visit each other’s homes and taste various [...]

Motivating Others to Exercise by Setting a Good Example

happy woman 300x200 - Motivating Others to Exercise by Setting a Good Example

As mentioned in a previous post, I had made the determination to be true to my workouts. So far, I have stayed true to my words- focus on quality instead of quantity. The results- after each real (without holding/leaning to the handle to support my weight), I can feel my legs are much stronger – [...]