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Last Updated on July 23, 2017

I can’t say enough the effects of choosing a healthier lifestyle has done for me. I did not do this to grow thin or become more popular. It’s just an inner motivation to regain health and energy that gives a better quality of life. Still…..

When I see some of my friends going to one fad diet after another or just plain starving themselves and suffer the guilt of overeating later, I have tried to sell the idea of sensible eating and the importance of exercising. The thing about our bodies is that the more we diet (without exercising), it lowers our metabolic rate. That means, it will become easier for us to gain fat and harder for us to lose weight as time goes. Therefore, dieting ie eating below your daily calorie limit like 900 or 1200 calories a day only) does not work, in the long run- no matter what others may have told you.
The thing is that when I try to convince them to join some sort of sports or a gym, anything, just to start a consistent exercise program, it does not seem to sound very convincing. Most of the time, I am confronted with many excuses of why it will not work out. Why? Because probably here I am preaching bout exercise when I do not even look like a typical fit person. Sigh, it’s the childhood fat problem.


I have decided that I will walk, er look the talk. OK, I am actually exercising average of 4 times a week and have been very consistent for the past year (means never went weeks without exercising- even during travelling, I make sure I get enough workouts). But I will take this a step further- I I am gonna work to lose fat- after all, I have conducted sufficient research and know through my own experience what works and what don’t. It’s just that I have to push past exercising to beat fatigue and add the element of losing more fat and toning with lots of emphasize on core exercises.

I really want people that I care about to buy into a lifestyle. I will give myself till my birthday in August and will be more organised in planning and scheduling my workout.

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