Sudden food cravings

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Yesterday, I had blown my breakfast. At first was ok, egg sandwich with Gardenia Breakthru bread and a bit of mayo. Then, I took a ‘heong ping’, a pastry based biscuit with a delicious swet filling that my friend got me from Ipoh. And then, followed by a few Pringles chips.

Then it started- intense cravings to eat carbos– something sweet or crispy. Kept wanting to get something to eat. I was eating the fruits from my usual Tupperware, but gave in to the cravings and ate 3 cubes of Cadburry chocolate. And that was about 11am at work. And by lunch, I already felt hungry.

So at lunch, I decided to order a breakfast set- fried egg, sausage, canned red beans with 2 slices of white bread (the bread had kaya and margerine in it. It’s hard to get anything but white bread from traditional restaurants). And…. my favourite iced tea with condensed milk- decided to drink it as I was starting to get mild headache- signs from caffeine withdrawal. Was thinking that I might as well skip the noodles or rice, as it may trigger further food cravings. Still, my lunch friends ordered fried rice and Hokkien noddles, which I tried a little- and knew I would rather have the breakfast set. Eating that plate of rice will make me feel quite sleepy and bloated after lunch.

As soon as I finished my lunch, the urge to eat non stop disappeared. I was real glad. In the afternoon, I finished the remainder of my fruits and that was it.

Since I bought the Pringles, I noticed that I have increased appetite each time I eat it, even though I have a few Pringles crisps after meal.

And taking protein (eggs, beans, sausages) helps fight off the cravings.

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