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Last Updated on July 23, 2017

I am going to be very honest- I have been very bad last Tuesday. I took leave on Tuesday- I would say the day is very well spent. Went shopping, then to bookshops, dropped by at the library, then followed by gym.

But look what I ordered for lunch at Wong Kok Char restaurant (specialises in Hong Kong cuisines):

Left: Delicious Hong Kong milk tea (RM3.80). The drink is put on ice- this is to cool down the drink and to ensure that the taste is not diluted since the ice do not mix with the drink. Just wanna show you how my favourite drink looks like ūüôā

Right: Toasted white bread on peanut butter, condensed milk, sunflower seed and topped with chocolate ice cream (RM5.90). The waiter had expressed doubt that the bread may be too much for me when I ordered. And yes indeed, it was difficult to finish it because the white bread is not very tasty.

This could have easily cost me at least 1000 calories (from the peanut butter alone). After eating this lunch, I feel so greasy and bloated. But the subsequent shopping and walking (I raided 3 shopping complexes and one hypermarket in total) plus the evening at the gym did wonders.

But when I allow myself to ate like this once a while, I do not have tendency to ‘lose it’ and eat and eat. I will try not to have this type of food in the evenings and make sure I exercised on the same day or the next morning.

If I had not just eaten that on Tuesday, I am very sure I would have ordered this for dinner today. But instead, for dinner today I had a small cup of hot milk tea (teh panas) and my dinner consists of protein: fried chicken (yea, I know it’s bad), sambal squid and Ayamas sausages. I don’t feel full after dinner, but I do not feel bloated either.



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