Project ‘Tummy’ Part 7- Conclusion

Last Updated on July 23, 2017

Concluding from Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6

When I started this little self-project on 27 Oct, a.ka experimentation, I made the following changes: doing crunches on the Swiss/balance ball in almost every workout session. Sometimes I do 30, 40 and even up to 80 times. But if the repetition is high, I will split up into 2 times in between cardio and strength training.

It helps to strengthen the core- I hold my yoga post better. I derive more endurance during workouts. My posture strength increases because the exercise also helped strengthened my lower back muscles.

Did my size tummy reduce?

Yes, but only a bit. If combined with no sugar and low starch intake, you bet it will surely trim down.


  • I decided to conclude this little project for now because I’ve just learned some new stuff about spot reduction (some of you may know it for a long time) and coupled with personal experience:
  • if you do lots of crunches, it helps to built up stomach muscles- so to a certain extend, there is a toned look
  • however, if you have a layer of fat, the tone will not be visible- and doing crunches will not help take away the fat- but helps to built muscles

Here’s what you need to do to take away the fat:

  • do cardio exercises- it helps to burn fat from other parts of your body. Only when the overall fat from your body reduces, then those from your stomach will also reduce.
  • reduce sugar and fat from your food- the more you reduce, the faster you will see results.
  • incorporate strength/weight training in your workouts- to built muscles that helps you burn even more calories

Still, I will continue doing the crunches on the Swiss ball, because of the core strength and stronger lower back muscles that I felt I benefited from this.

Sorry, if you are hoping for short cut ways such as taking pills, some abdomen gadgets or lipo, I don’t go by that. I only believe in weight loss, the old fashioned way- through sensible eating and exercise. That’s the only way for most people to lose it and keep the weight off for good ūüôā

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