8 Tricks to Improve Beauty

woman happy1 150x150 - 8 Tricks to Improve Beauty

Many people develop unhealthy eating and even exercise habits in pursuit of beauty. A lot of money is wasted on make-up, spas and dressing in order to be more beautiful and desirable. Not to mention the money at slimming centers and gyms (okay, I totally agree to exercise in order to be healthy but it [...]

Stress and weight gain

stress eating 150x150 - Stress and weight gain

Some people lose weight when they are stressed. But for most of us, we tend to gain weight easily when we are stressed up, depressed or going through some difficult situation. It is very real- and most people may not believe the emotional connection to stress- but our emotions does influence weight gain. When we [...]

Senior Exercising on Rebounder

Rebounder senior 150x150 - Senior Exercising on Rebounder

I came across this inspirational video in YouTube- featuring Don Avery. Rebounder is now used as one of the rehabilitation exercises for physio and by chiropractors as the exercises are low impact and does not stress the joints (but if you bounce vigoriously on a rebounder, your joints would still absorb the pressure). Wear a [...]

Thalassemia and the reason to live

woman sad4 150x150 - Thalassemia and the reason to live

A friend of mine suffers from the following ailments: Minor thalassemia Hepatitis B carrier Heart murmur And a host of health conditions that she was not comfortable in revealing. She was not aware that she had these conditions until she was well into her twenties. A blood test taken prior to a minor operation revealed [...]

Disabled people who made a difference

disabled leg 150x150 - Disabled people who made a difference

Each and every one of us have our very own ‘disabilities’.  If we are able bodied, we are only set apart from a disabled person when their disability is visible for everyone to see. It becomes a true inspiration when we read real life stories of people who suffered from physical disabilities- sometimes not because [...]

How to stop restless leg syndrome and nail biting

nail bite lips 150x150 - How to stop restless leg syndrome and nail biting

It is often difficult to stop certain habits once they are being acquired like: Nail biting Restless leg syndrome- always shaking the legs Cracking knuckles or pulling the fingers to get some sound These habits become almost unconscious that they’re difficult to stop. For instance, take nail biting. Some people still bring the habit way [...]