8 Tricks to Improve Beauty

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Many people develop unhealthy eating and even exercise habits in pursuit of beauty. A lot of money is wasted on make-up, spas and dressing in order to be more beautiful and desirable. Not to mention the money at slimming centers and gyms (okay, I totally agree to exercise in order to be healthy but it should not be a ‘punishment’). Due to distortion of self image, eating disorders like bullimia and aneroxic nervosa are very prevailent among young girls.

This page is taken off a magazine and I find the illustration with the tips especially inspiring. Beauty would fade but inner beauty would remain…


Eight Tricks to Improve Beauty by Santhi Ganesan

Outer beauty is just part of the story. Absolute beauty lies not just in looks, but in words and deeds as well.

1. Put people at ease with a good sense of humour and they’ll find you appealing. Offensive or inappropriate jokes may get you stares and brickbats.

2. Talk less, listen more. You won’t look like a self-absorbed person who is in love with your own voice. And that can be quite fetching.

3. Admitting your mistakes might make you feel like a giant loser, but you’ll actually come across as humble, human and more likeable. Try it!

4. When you sincerely help others and expect nothing in return, you’ll have an inner glow that no whitening cream can provide!

5. Reading novels and keeping updated on your favourite stars is fun, but also read up on current affairs. Sounding well-informed is always attractive!

6. Smiles can’t be saved in a bank for interest. When given away, they instantly improve your looks and earn you “interest”… ahem, get it?

7. Be genuine. Fakeness- whether in looks, accents or personality- is a real turn-off. Fake fur, however, could earn you brownie points.

8. Compliments aren’t given often enough, so learn to enjoy giving (and taking) compliments. Don’t resort to flattery, which others will see through.

Have a great week ahead.

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