You Know Exercise is Your ‘Thing’ when…

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This is an original entry writen by me, mostly on how exercise had changed my life. Does any of it describe how exercise changes yours? You felt something is seriously wrong by the third consecutive day that you have not exercised. You plan your life around exercising instead of planning exercising around your life. You [...]

Videos on Health & Fitness

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Last Update: Sunday, 2 December 07 From Videojug How to Perform a Tricepts Workout Without Weights Pilates to tone your arms Pilates: How to Achieve Great Abdominals 5 Invigorating Exercises Using Balance Ball Pilates- how to prevent & relieve lower backache Videojug also contains videos in other health & exercise categories. From YouTube Hatha Yoga [...]

It’s OK to Slip Once a While- Just Don’t Make it a Habit

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First, it’s ok to slip up once a while. Nobody’s perfect. It does not mean we are useless or is a failure. Don’t hate yourself. Before I started eating sensibly, I used to feel guilty about my sweet tooth and food addiction, not realising it is attributed to the way the food I take react [...]

Simple Way by a Colleague who successfully lose weight

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I’m glad to have a few colleagues who friends who share the same aspiration that I have. When I met any of the gym kakis when I happen to eat at the pantry, we will talk bout classes, what to do, eat, etc. I am still a novice while they are already well experienced. Feel [...]

What’s Stopping You from Exercising?

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I have quite a number of friends who don’t really fancy exercising. Common quoted excuse: No time (most popular) Too much of an effort Got joint/lower back problems- and get pain when try to exercise. About 4 years ago when I was working on shift, I get off during certain weekdays and used to go [...]