Diabetes under control due to lifestyle change | Real life experience

healthydiet 300x253 - Diabetes under control due to lifestyle change | Real life experience

A friend shared with me that both his parents have diabetes- and they could control their blood sugar without much deprivation. What their parents did: • Eat vegetables and meat moderately- no need to drastically cut down • Avoid rice as much as possible- because rice is high in sugar content • Perform moderate amount [...]

Blood Pressure Table for Children & Adults

Blood Pressure

Blood pressure indicates the force of circulating blood in your vessels. The standard normal measurement for adults is 120/80 whereby: 120 is the systolic pressure (blood pressure when the heart beats) 80 is the diastolic pressure (blood pressure between heartbeats). Blood pressure for Adults Category Systolic (mmHg) Diastolic (mmHg) Hypotension < 90 > 60 Normal [...]

Why Acupressure & Acupuncture Becomes Ineffective

acupcunture1 300x198 - Why Acupressure & Acupuncture Becomes Ineffective

In order for holistic and complementary treatments to be effective in long run, it is paramount to accompany these treatments with a change towards healthy lifestyle. Many people tend to complain that ‘I went for acupressure- initially it works but after a while, it is not effective’. Months ago, I passed by a shop that [...]

Why You Should Overcome Hostility

lazy boy scold angry 300x166 - Why You Should Overcome Hostility

 How Do You know If You Are a Hostile Person? According to the book Mind-Body Diabetes Revolution, the term “hostility syndrome” describes a group of risky thoughts and behaviour that includes cynicism, anger and aggression: Cynicsm–  Hostily starts with the way you think. If you’re hostile, you don’t trust others and think that most people [...]

Care for the Feet

physiotherapy feet 300x200 - Care for the Feet

There is quite an interesting article in Yahoo Health that talks about the common myths and truths about our feet. Example, wearing flip flops may not be the best option. Well, all podiatrists will surely agree that high heels are bad for your feet, knees, back and posture especially if typically worn for long hours. [...]