Blood Pressure Table for Children & Adults

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Blood Pressure

Blood pressure indicates the force of circulating blood in your vessels. The standard normal measurement for adults is 120/80 whereby: 120 is the systolic pressure (blood pressure when the heart beats) 80 is the diastolic pressure (blood pressure between heartbeats). Blood pressure for Adults Category Systolic (mmHg) Diastolic (mmHg) Hypotension < 90 > 60 Normal [...]

Why Acupressure & Acupuncture Becomes Ineffective

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acupcunture1 150x150 - Why Acupressure & Acupuncture Becomes Ineffective

In order for holistic and complementary treatments to be effective in long run, it is paramount to accompany these treatments with a change towards healthy lifestyle. Many people tend to complain that ‘I went for acupressure- initially it works but after a while, it is not effective’. Months ago, I passed by a shop that [...]

Why You Should Overcome Hostility

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 How Do You know If You Are a Hostile Person? According to the book Mind-Body Diabetes Revolution, the term “hostility syndrome” describes a group of risky thoughts and behaviour that includes cynicism, anger and aggression: Cynicsm–  Hostily starts with the way you think. If you’re hostile, you don’t trust others and think that most people [...]