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How to avoid feeling tired and sleepy after lunch

man tired sleepy 150x150 - How to avoid feeling tired and sleepy after lunch

Asian diet is usually heavy in the composition of carbohydrate- predominantly using rice and noddles. Unlike our Western counterparts, we are not used to taking just meat and salad without solid carbohydrates. Some friends have tried to shift towards a more Westernized but healthy diet consisting of salad and meat. But often, this diet is [...]

Workouts & Food Intake…

thailand food 150x150 - Workouts & Food Intake...

Yesterday nite, not long after I posted my blog entry, I started on exercise for total of 1.5hrs: Body Balance release #34 track 1 to 4 (on DVD)- because I love the track 1 and 4 of that release Then, dance on the Stability ball watching YouTube videos. But later, change to workouts using the [...]

Food Diary 27 Nov 07

food diary book 150x150 - Food Diary 27 Nov 07

Today is Wednesday night. So far, have been quite consistent, except today I can’t resist and took a ghee ball. Morning before reaching office: 1 packet of 3-in-1 Nescafe Breakfast 2 slices of Gardenia Breakthru bread with egg sandwich (with butter) ate a bit of fruits like rambutans, papayas (few small cubes of it only) [...]

Food Diary: 24 August 07

notebook food diary 150x150 - Food Diary: 24 August 07

I am not going to like what I see but heck, I’ll be honest with it: Breakfast 1 cup of Nescafe 3-in-1 breakfast 2 toasted mini wholemeal bun – one with reduced fat cheese slice and another with a little peanut butter. 4 small slices of fried seaweed. At work, Ate 1/2 mini bun with [...]

Food diary: 3 Aug 07

notebook food diary 150x150 - Food diary: 3 Aug 07

Exercised for 1.5 hrs (yoga based exercise and cardio) in the morning. Breakfast Nature’s Bake Wholemeal roll- 2 with stuff omellette. Omellette contents: 2 eggs (seasoned with light soya sauce and lots of pepper)- cooked with small bitter gourd, mushroom and fish paste. Then put in the bread with a bit of chili sauce. A [...]

Food diary: 30 June 2007

notebook food diary 150x150 - Food diary: 30 June 2007

Breakfast: – Fried egg with ginger in it. – A small sweet potato. Lunch – A cup of Nescafe Breakfast 3-in-1 (absolutely adore the drink) – Yong tau foo stuff in bitter gourd (yes, I love bitter gourd) – Some kind of taugeh (but it is green colour and I love it too) – 2 [...]

So I indulged

healthblog 150x150 - So I indulged

Just came back from an absolutely great week in Penang. Met up with a very dear friend, and I was offerred the traditional Penang hospitality- taken to places where you can get real good food. Penang’s food is really delicious.. so I figured since I am not a Penangnite and have no idea when I [...]

Second day of my diet plan- what I ate

food diary book 150x150 - Second day of my diet plan- what I ate

My main strategy is to have a high fiber, and attempt to eliminate refined sugar and processed carbo. Still taking fruits, high fiber bread. Today (28 Apr 2007) I went without coffee. For such a long time I did not manage to do that. And did not suffer the ill effects of withdrawal symptoms like [...]

My first day…how I fared

healthblog 150x150 - My first I fared

Friday- my first day. Let’s see how I fared: Breakfast brought a cup of soya milk with no sugar. Normally if I buy from her, I always take it sweet. So she said ‘you on diet-kah’. I shyly said yes lor. First time, tasted the rich taste of soya, which is normally masked by sacharin. [...]