So I indulged

Last Updated on July 23, 2017

Just came back from an absolutely great week in Penang. Met up with a very dear friend, and I was offerred the traditional Penang hospitality- taken to places where you can get real good food.

Penang’s food is really delicious.. so I figured since I am not a Penangnite and have no idea when I will be back, I should not pass the opportunity to savor all the delicacies that the beautiful island had to offer.

I am not a chau koay teow fan but I ate that about 3 times coz in Penang, they always give you 2 big juicy prawns in the koay teow. And the coffee and tea always taste delicious. The price is also really reasonable. Other good stuff are loh bak, toasted kaya bread, pau, chicken wings, pan mee, tim sum, nasi lemak, etc.

Discovered Coke Light (0 calories and no sugar) – bought the drink when I watched Spiderman 3 at the midnight show in Penang. It’s a great show, with a deeper look into personal relationship with an unexpected twist towards the ending. If you have not watch it, good idea to do so.

Tomorrow, the plan will be continued…. no carbs and low sugar. I am ready after rewarding myself.

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