Second day of my diet plan- what I ate

Last Updated on July 23, 2017

My main strategy is to have a high fiber, and attempt to eliminate refined sugar and processed carbo. Still taking fruits, high fiber bread.
Today (28 Apr 2007) I went without coffee. For such a long time I did not manage to do that. And did not suffer the ill effects of withdrawal symptoms like headaches, joint pains and extreme fatigue.

Morning: brought some mix dried fruits: raisins, apricots, walnut and almond. Munched on them. Not hungry.
Realised whatever I eat should be as sugar free as possible. So brought peanut butter (with no added sugar) and a very high fiber wholemeal bread- the brand is ‘Sprouted Life Grain Bread’ which costs RM5.80. It’s nice with lots of fiber and sasame seeds. Also sugar free jam.

Lunch: No rice. Normal veges and fish. Finish off with a dessert treat 🙂 the high fiber bread and peanut butter.
Went exercising and resisted the carbonated drinks.
After that, came back and have another 2pcs of the bread with peanut butter and some mixed dried fruits.
Dinner: the same dishes as lunch.

Improvements that I can see today:

  • Not tired and lethargic
  • Do not have craving pangs. Also not really hungry.
  • Muscle gets less painful after workout.
  • More calm.

By the way, my family thinks it is ridicolous and another crazy idea- no rice, mee hoon or processed carbs. They are not buying in the idea. So I am in it alone 🙁

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